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Wind direction forecast was concealed after the explosion of reactor 1

Immediately after reactor 1 had hydrogen explosion on 3/12/2011, the wind direction forecast of meteorological bureau was concealed. The Meteorological Bureau explained that this was because the rader station(s) were


Tepco had no manual for emergency

9/15, Tepco submitted their “emergency” manual at the request of House of Representatives. However, 47 lines out of 50 lines were blacked out. (redacted heavily) Tepco was required to submit


70~80% of cesium dropped to Pacific Ocean

The Meteorological Research Institute published their analysis data showing radiation from the ruined Fukushima reactors and spent fuel pools went around the earth within 10 days, and that 70 ~


We are running out of safe food

I used to think canned food was ok, but even that was an illusion. Greenpeace measured canned fish. The samples were taken from 15 branches of 5 major super market