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Escape plan 11/24/2011

Tomorrow, I’m supposed to be “judged” by the power. Whatever their judgement is, I will make all effort to survive. I bought new shoes. I will change my shoes at


Unstoppable leakage of medical staff in Fukushima

Japanese government lifted evacuating area from Minami soma shi on 9/30/2011. However, about 30,000 of 71500 people have not come back yet. Medical staff escaped too. Hospitals are suffering from


Fukushima local government predicts massive increase of disease

Fukushima mayor Sato Yuhei asked Prime minister Noda to give free medial care for under 18 years old in Fukushima prefecture. Sato Yuhei explains it is to treat the “anxiety”


The Nuclear Agency used to have press conference in English

Back in April,The Nuclear Agency used to hold press conference for foreign media. It was in English. However ,nobody came to the conference after all like the photo below,they stopped


Mongolia banned importing cars from Japan

Having measured radiation from imported cars, Ulan Bator custom office and nuclear energy department of Mongolia decided to ban importing cars from Japan. They will start stopping importing cars from


Conjoined twins from a Fukushima mother

The worst thing is happening. A mother from Koriyama in Fukushima got pregnant,and her babies are assumed to be conjoined twins. She got pregnant in Koriyama ,about 4/2011. In July