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“You are like cockroach or rat.” Dad said. Mom said, “Refund your education cost before you leave or make a contract with us.” In Japan, money is concealer of childishness.


We couldn’t kill enough

An NPO called “Tsukuba agri challenge” exports cesium rice to Vietnam. “To take down the harmful rumor”, the NPO in Tsukuba, Ibaraki is going to sell rice burger made of


Screen shot of morning news in Fukushima

7 AM. News caster reads up today’s headline. “A rental DVD chain receive administrative punishment for lending stolen DVD” etc.. On the bottom of the screen, Koriyama city hall: 0.90


Good bye, seafood

During the peak of Chernobyl, the Black Sea was registering 1,000 becquerels per cubic meter of water – at Fukushima’s peak, it was 100,000 becquerels. Its still going on and


I am uranium

A citizen in Meguro, Tokyo had a urine check and Uranium, Strontium and Zirconium were detected. Zirconium is part of the metallic alloy that is used to sheath nuclear fuel


Even Tepco admitted melt-out is occurring.

Tepco has been stating that Fukushima plants are under control and they can achieve cold shutdown by the end of this year. However, 11/30/2011, Tepco admitted that melt-out is happening