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Look after yourself

supplementrept I’ve been asking Dr C.Busby about the situation recently. When I told him how reluctant our local government is, he sent this to me. (I take Ca tablets too.


Secondary disaster

より大きな地図で 焼却灰のセシウム を表示 Second blast is purely caused by ignorance of people. Radioactive debris will be distributed to variety of the prefectures in Japan to cause the second exposure even


50,000 Bq/Kg of pollen will fly to Tokyo

According to the survey of Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, in Kawamata machi, Fukushima, where is in the planned evacuation area, leaves of Japanese cedar contain 177,600


Actually emitted Te was 109 times more than it was reported in June

Let’s review how they deceive us. 1) Don’t report anything 2) Report something but it’s much less than actual “by mistake” 3) Revise (2) I thought I learnt the trick


JP Gov officially admitted that Japanese food is harmful

Since 311, every time it turned out a kind of food is contaminated, they made “safety” limit, such as 500 Bq/Kg for vegetables, and allowed them to distribute. However, at