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New fraud business after nuclear

除染地獄 国民負担増40兆円 Decontamination hell. The national burden increases to 40 trillion yen <どうせ政権を明け渡しているからと、デタラメの限り> As the political administration will be handed over, they will make use of it to the limit of


Children stopped growing in Fukushima

In Koriyama shi Fukushima, Dr Kikuchi Nobutaro surveyed the increase of the weight of the children. They compared the increase of the weight of 245 of 4~5 years old children


Fukushima local gov doesn’t let people evacuate to keep their salary

A Japanese journalist Iwakami Yasumi had an interview with former city mayor of Akune shi, Kagoshima and a village councilor of Kawauchimura Fukushima on 11/3/2011. They made it clear why


Rescue team member died after bloody emesis

Another piece of the truth. At the forum of activist / actor Yamamoto Taro (11/6/2011), an audience member talked about her dead friend. This woman is from Shiroishiku, Sapporo. A