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Strontium flow directly into the sea at Fukushima Daiichi

(Photograph: AP)Answer and question at Tepco’s press conference. Oshidori mako asks: When Tepco purifies contaminated water, a Reverse Osmosis Membrane is used, but strontium is water soluble so you need


97.07×10^15 Bq of plutonium is ready to be released

97.07×10^15 Bq = 97,070,000,000,000,000 Bq = 97.07 quadrillion Bq Xenon 133 and 135 were measured at reactor 2. We reported earlier that Tepco explained it is from “spontaneous fission” of


Discharge to ocean of contaminated water may re-start next January

Japanese comedy duo, Oshidori mako has been attending Tepco’s press conferences where they grill Tepco’s spokesman. As you will likely remember, the detection of neptunium contamination in the Japanese countryside


Yellow light was seen when reactor 3 exploded

3/14/2011, reactor 3 exploded. Arnie Gundersen, C.Busby and other foreign experts pointed out it was a nuclear explosion though Japanese government has been stating it was a hydrogen explosion. According