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News: Massive anti-nuclear demonstration in Fukuoka 11/12/11

(Nika here, writing this post) The awesome William Milberry, who creates important and intelligent videos on life in Japan and partiularly with respect to the Fukushima nuclear disaster, shared a


Mutated plants

大きな地図で見る Mutation of plants were found in Fujiminoshi, Saitama (6/16/2011) They grew after 311. Normal one. These ones have the stems connected to each other and they are zonate and


“I don’t want to be a murderer”

A fisher from Iwaki shi, Fukushima decided to stop fishing anymore. He is one of the fishers who are concerned about sea contamination. At a Tepco’s meeting for the local


“Let’s die together” marathon

Running course in the contamination area. During WWW2, Japanese government gathered female students in okinawa and made a nurse team, called Star Lily Corps. When US army landed on Okiwana,