Seasonal cycle of plants is broken

Around in Tokyo, we observe plants are blooming out of their seasonal cycle.

Morning glory is blooming. It blooms from July to August annually.

Four-o’clock is blooming. It blooms from June to September annually.

Sun flower is blooming too. It blooms August annually.

It’s not just one.

On the other hand, evergreen is withering.

Trees wither before coloring.

At a flower park. 3 of 30 gerberas were deformed.

  1. Very interesting, Mochizuki san. Was the whether different this year or do you attribute this purely to radiation?

      1. A Test Using Contaminated Rain Water And Microscopic Organisms Such As Protozoa And Amoeba Would Reveal Random Mutation And Increased Death Rate.

        If Yourself Or Someone You know Is Willing To Participate I Would Like to Perform A Joint Study Between Samples In Japan And Samples From My Current Location – Northern California.

        “Stopping by to smell the flowers, we do not need to pick them; memories last longer anyway. . .”

  2. This is EXACTLY what is occurring in New Jersey where I live It is not from Fukushima radiation however because it so happening all around the world and it started BEFORE the tsunami and nuclear release. It is from air pollution – the background level of tropospheric ozone is inexorably rising, traveling across oceans and continents. It’s toxic to people, and even more poisonous to plants.

    People tend not to notice gradual decline, and if they do, they blame the nearest environmental disaster. The summer before last, even people in Europe thought it was from the Gulf oil spill. But the symptoms of exposure to ozone are well documented. The damage is accelerating and it’s reached the point where I doubt there is anyplace on earth where you can’t find foliage that is stippled, chlorotic and necrotic, where conifers aren’t turning yellow, where branches are breaking and entire trees are toppling over. It’s also well established in controlled experiments that insects, disease and fungus thrive on vegetation injured by ozone. Every agricultural agency knows that crop yield and quality is reduced because of air pollution.

    I’ve been collecting links to scientific research and photos since 2008 and post them on a blog, Wit’s End. (

    1. I was going to point out your site here, but you beat me to the punch. This is an alarming to situation to say the least…

  3. New Jersey is indeed one of the most polluted places on the planet (oil refineries, abandoned cities with a lot of old factories, and everyone madly in love with their car). I see the sickly, unhealthy redness of NJ trees couple of times a week, when I take the bus or walk close to trees– and no, I don’t have a car, it’s a conscious decision. I walk everywhere or take the bus, and so does my husband. Yes, you are right about some trees literally begging to be saved from the pollution.

    But you are wrong about these images from Japan. In NJ, you won’t see plants withering like that, especially not evergreens. I also don’t see any blossoming of flowers out of season, nor any of these freaky deformities, with a couple of flowers growing out of the same stem.

  4. Global Warming is most likely the cause of dead leaves and no normal fall coloration in trees and the strange blooming now of my spring/summer flowers in Kansai. However, I viewed some stuff from Chenobyl which showed deformed plants, just like are being found now in Tohoku and Tokyo. Needs serious study.

    1. I can confirm with you guys that here in Northern California we have been experiencing unusual blooming times for some species. I believe it must be related to erratic weather/warming.

      Regarding the photos of mutated plants – how horrendous! I hope this site will please create a gallery for all these photos of mutated plants so everyone can see what the effects of radiation are.

  5. Mochizuki-san, this is off topic and just for your eyes, and oh, of course, our monitors (Shalom!).

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    Note that the American Chamber of Commerce invited Oxford’s Alison to push relaxing the contamination standards and the notion that concern about radiation issues indicates mental health problems and so forth.The web of deceit and control is all-pervasive. The low-level busy bees are making a killing. If you understand something of the kabbalistic “mystery” religion behind all this you will save yourself a lot of time and grief. At any rate, trust nobody. You will be befriended and neutralized if you get a big enough following. Be careful of your finances because that’s an obvious weakness that can be exploited to co-opt/disable you. For example, avoid costly legal disputes.

  6. Here in Chicago,IL temperatures stayed above freezing until a little bit over a week ago. Yet all over the neighborhood there are tomato plants that have nearly all of their tomatoes still green & still attached in a sort of “suspended” growth anomoly-which also affects weeds & prarie vegetation that had a white,powdery coating that was deposited on everything during the last half of March, and first weeks of April,and a few more times since then & also coinciding with release event’s,weather pattern’s & timeline’s that I’d noted & kept track of?!! I’ll post pics of the tomatoes in the small garden my neighbor has in the lot adjacent to my building-if just to show an example of how far away from Japan physical evidence likely attributable to the nuclear fallout continuing to descend from the “Fukushima artficial-radiation belt” in varying amounts & types of contaminants being noted in places previously thought to be impossible or unlikely!?? ~PEACE~ and Good Evening lori Mochizuki-san & GOOD LUCK!!

    1. Johnny Blade, do you know many people with nose bleeding or similar Fukushima problems in the Chicago area?

      We might move there soon for just a few months, for financial reasons, but I am worried about the snow…:(

        1. Hi MX,

          I live in the suburbs of Chicago, Illinois USA. There are a few things you should know about Chicago, Illinois before you move here. Illinois has the most nuclear reactors and stored nuclear waste of any state in the USA. The State has previously been on the short list as a possible site for nuclear reprocessing. While that issue is dead for the moment it could be resurrected at any time. While the State is very much run by the Democratic Political party it is very pro-nuclear. I’m just adding that because people assume Democrat=anti-nuke, but that is not true in our state.

          The coming snow concerns me as well. I had a short conversation about this on ENENEWS but I am not able to access their website now, hope it is just me. When I get to the link I will repost here so you can look at that conversation.

          The nuclear watchdog here is “Nuclear Energy Information Service” here is a link to a short list of nuclear issues in Illinois on their website:

          I like living here, other than the nuclear issue and the taxes, if I wasn’t from here already and was concerned about nuclear I might choose a different location.

  7. It always amazed me how much the Japanese pay attention to detail about the seasons, the plants, everything. There’s sakura season, firefly season, persimmon season, ornamental cabbage season, all sorts of special things for every season. The Japanese seem to obeserve nature very carefully. In the cities, there isn’t very much nature, so if something is off, I think people would notice.

  8. Flowers Have Extremely Delicate Material Composition And Rapid Growing Cells.

    Their Soft Fleshly Structure, Short Lifespan, Lite Elemental Composition and Simple Genetic Heritage Offer Us An Invaluable Example Of Genetic Mutation Due To Radioactive Contamination.

    It Is Only A Matter Of Time Before We Can View Similar Mutations In Human Beings. – It Will Become Possible In The Future To Determine The Type Of Radiation Exposure Based On Severity And Type Of Mutation.

    It Would Be Best To Prepare For These Inevitable Consequences.

  9. Slightly warmer than average this year,it was colder last year.

    Solar output,elliptical orbit,tilt and wobble all play a significant part.

  10. I am sitting in the UK in the middle of November watching the roses bloom again!
    The dill is just seeding (again) it is all out of kilter.

    1. I’ve seen apple trees bloom after harvest and have a picture of roses that bloomed just before the snow, but that was years ago. All kinds of weird things happen all the time once you notice. Without a radiation monitor, which are very cheap and sensitive, it’s pointless to speculate it has anything to do with Fukushima.

      The real problem is all the ‘allowable’ radioactivity releases at all of the US BWRs, which are designed to ‘burp’ excess gases, which was highlighted when national radioactivity readings were briefly available. Areas of SE US especially showed routine burps.

  11. Here in the north-west of France roses are still blooming and I’ve got a brand new strawberry flower !
    We have 5 degrees over normal temperatures this year and nature is acting like we are one month earlier since April/May.

    At the end of June my strawberry fruits were all malformed and never became real fruits, I didn’t ate them, my first strawberries were normal in april.
    At the beginning of November I found a doubled flower and some deformed ones, not many but they reminded me of what I saw happening to flowers in Japan.
    I took photos of all fruits and flowers.

  12. MX, I do actually see many evergreens exactly like that in this country. And although NJ is extremely polluted, it is now a global problem. There is an enormous amount of recent satellite research indicating for instance that precursors from Asia end up in the mountains of western North America. I’ve been photographing deformed flowers for the past two summers. Right now, I have clematis blooming outside my kitchen window, and yesterday I noted some daffodils emerging…which also happened last fall, as did fruit tree flowering. That is probably due to warmer temperatures and/or a desperate attempt to put energy into reproduction. I had birds nesting under my porch eaves last month!

  13. In northwest Tennessee USA where we live I noticed the morning glories blooming until it got frozen 1 morning. Also lillies that bloom in spring were blooming until the freeze. I have noticed that there are a huge number of insects ALL over the place, in summer of course worse. Insects are hardy. The wild birds and chickens have not dropped dead yet, so I guess that is a good sign. ♥
    Amazing time to be alive on Earth. I love you, be safe.

  14. So France is 5 degrees warmer and uk had the coldest winter on record? You know France and uk are next to each other? I think we are all being lied to, consistently and thoroughly lied to.

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