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Who are they ?

I posted I’m under surveillance. There are two groups that are chasing after me. Power, and fraud. No wonder, Power wants to vanish me. On the other hand, fraud wants


104,000 Bq/kg of Cesium from river in Fukushima

The Ministry of the Environment published the measurement data of Cs-134, -137 contained in river, lake (source of tap water), and off shore of Fukushima. Quick overview (Sample taken from


640 Bq/kg from rice of Fukushima

10/12/2011, Fukushima mayor, Sato Yuhei declared Fukushima rice is safe with no basis.(Source) The “safety limit” of rice is 500 Bq/Kg in Japan, which means you don’t die immediately even


1.3 Sv/h at reactor 3

At the press conference of Tepco, 11/16/2011, Tepco published the video when a robot cleaned a rail in reactor 3. A helmet is in the sight sometimes. Tepco used a