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Seasonal cycle of plants is broken

Around in Tokyo, we observe plants are blooming out of their seasonal cycle. Morning glory is blooming. It blooms from July to August annually. Four-o’clock is blooming. It blooms from


Cesium from Fukushima reached to 5000m deep in the sea in April

11/20/2011, Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology announced that in April, Cesium from Fukushima dropped from air to the pacific ocean and fell down deep in the sea attached


Video record of Fukushima on 3/13

JVJA (Japan VIsual Journalist Association) visited Hutabamachi, which is 3~7 km away from Fukushima plants on 3/13. It was after the explosion of reactor 1 on 3/12. Tepco was venting


Breaking news “1.6 Sv/h from reactor 3”

Following up the previous post.. 11/20/2011, Tepco announced they measured 1.6 Sv/h at reactor 3, which is the highest reading of reactor 3. Since last week, Tepco has been measuring