Tepco officially admitted they don’t need nuclear power

11/22/2011, it turned out that Tepco estimated that they can cover all the electric consumption even without nuclear plants.

By using pumped-storage power generation and steam-power generation ,next summer they can supply more than 57 million kilowatts, which is the maximum supply capacity of this summer. This year, we did not run out of power. 57 million kilowatts is even OVER supply.

The annual peak of the electric consumption is late August in Japan. By proving that they can cover the potential demand of next summer, it has become clear that they don’t need nuclear power through a year.

There are 54 nuclear plants in Japan. Tepco owns 17 of them.

People who spread the lies that we would be short of power without nuclear plants should pay for the compensation of those who missed the chance to evacuate because of their lies.


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