Namie machi, Fukushima is 33 times worse than Chernobyl


Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology published the soil contamination data of 60 km area from Fukushima plants.

The data was taken from 6/1/2011 ~ 11/22/2011.

Though it’s only about I-131, Cs-134, Cs-137 mainly,the result shows the worst contaminated area in Fukushima is 33 times worse than Chernobyl. It proves Fukushima is something nobody has ever gone through.

In Chernobyl, area contaminated worse than 1,480,000 bq/m2 was defined as the worst red zone, “immediate mandatory evacuating area.”

In Fukushima, Namiemachi, 22km north west to Fukushima plants is contaminated, which they measured 760,000 bq/kg (Cs-134 + Cs-137). It equals to 49,400,000 bq/m2.

Fukushima is “the next level” of Chernobyl apparently.

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  1. How can this not be obvious to everyone from day one? Are all people collectively dreaming – walking through reality without noticing their madness?

    “Darkness Calling Forth The Night Continues. This Dream, A Living One; Awakening? To Become Awake Is To Transcend Death.”

    1. Japan is too much under the control of the US to be able to do anything. Naoto Kan must be mindful that if he reveals the truth, his head would be on the chopping block where Hatoyama’s blood is still fresh.

      1. Japan is not under control of the USA. Japan is just a very corrupt country run by corporations. Remember they emulated our business models post-war, so all the lies, thievery and corruption was learned from us.

    1. Medical studies have always been teaching that radiation doses are cumulative, that means you need take in account not just today’s dose, but all of it… After that, detox radiation can help, as well as all efficient regenerative technics like fasting.

      Leave and learn detox, then make decision about what to do… where you really need to be, to live,… open your possibilities as far as you can, open widely… imagine different type of realistic plans… the good one will impose itself at the wright time.

      Best wishes Nadir, from Kukukrine

  2. Why 33?

    In Chernobyl maybe the numbers were faked!
    When lower, than how much is here 33x ?
    When higher, what were the real numbers of Chernobyl?
    Thank you and strong brain!

  3. We could all be looking at our future, here. The bone heads running around the planet flashing their money and power and mussel are PUSHING this energy source and suppressing better sources. We better be ready for the same kind of stupidity and lack of respect for our human lives. They might not be fully human and more psychopathic but still we’ll be the sacrifice. Remember that.

  4. Meanwhile, people wonder little how the affect of the omnipresent radioactivity along the west coast of America’s 48 states and Alaska is becomming more and more likely to cause some form ofincurible cancerin millions of Americans. The preferred coping mechanism is to suck and mewl and prance for attention like America’s leaders, and leave the worry to someone else. As far as stupidity goes, this is absolute proof of gross stupidity inherent in western civilization as a whole. Isolated cutures remain unexposed to news of this disaster while the snobbery of fully clothed bigotted selfobsessed genetic slag in BMWs and bling spits in the faces of concerned citizens and revels in their self-delusion, vampirism, and arrogance.

    33x Chernobyl. This is VERY bad. No one in America has held the American swine who are responsible for this problem to task. It appears they are calling our bluff. And Obama is lost.

  5. people fall into a number of categories……

    some just freeze and pretend it is not happening

    some panic and run around like headless chickens

    some take decisive action…….just like
    “Sidney Prescott” in Scream…..!!!!

  6. hELLO JAPAN…Your nuclear scientists knows that Litium or berillium in dust could be used to cover those 6 Nuclear reactors and stop the radiation because They know that those are the bars that are used to stop nuclear reactions inside Nuclear reactors, So, They know that is very easy to just drops tons of Litium that could be got from Chile mines, Southamerica, but your Goverment Don’t want a Solution they want a constinuos disaster because Usa is pressuring for it to kill more people innocent. Those who can go to the extreme south of japan, radiation is already everywhere in the center of Japan. Greetings from Sydney, Australia.Gabriel.

  7. My cousin just went to Tokyo for his honeymoon. Talk about walking around as if the whole world were Disneyland!

    But- can this be fixed? I hear it’s getting worse.

  8. Dear Mr. Iori Mochizuki-san,

    I have been reading about this disaster every day since it has happened. I feel it is a great fake information about the Government to the citizens and the worst thing is that the animals are suffering and dying about starvation. It is all the same what we do, all people in the whole world.
    The Government do not care if we are writing them or not, they let the animals die and people too if they are there in no-go-zone. I am desperat about the animals in Fukushima when the winter is coming. I do not know if there will be snow, but I think the animals are freezing and starving. I live in Finland and I know the winter can be hard sometimes. I do not know what to do. I am suffering because the animals are suffering. Please tell us what to do so the Government will lessen to us.

  9. However, but even after the Fukushima disaster governments in some countries (e.g. Malaysia) still hold on to their nuclear plans. Thankfully others (e.g. Germany) continue to close down their nuclear power plants since years already.

  10. IN putting out 8 nuclear reactors. stopping Fukushimia is not the problem it’s getting paid. It’s a love hate relasion ship. They love useing the technology,to stop malt downs but hate paying for it. An I do not work for free. COD cash on delivery.

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