My birthday is going to end

It’s getting closer when I go to point B.

Luckily I managed to find a good foster parents of my turtles and I will let them take over the boys this weekend.

Having said I’m going, I can not speak ill of people to stay. If the foster parents decide to move too, my turtles will be left.

I really hope nothing bad would happen to any of them.

I decided to abandon my family members. I gave up convincing them so my going means the end of the family.

Still, better than dying.

I wanted to post more articles today but I ran out of time again.

I received some questions.

1) Why don’t I go to South Japan, like Okinawa ?

There is no safe place in Japan. Okinawa is relatively safe, but radioactive debris and contaminated food are distributed. Plus, it’s hard to measure alpha ray and neutron ray.

I know eastern europe and some places of europe are contaminated but I believe it’s still better than Japan.

2) Are there any other people evacuating from Tokyo ?

Yes there are.

I went to my doctor yesterday, but my regular doctor evacuated. He was the vice president of the hospital.

I’m involved in the real estate industry. People used to sell property to pay succession tax, but recently, our clients are 40s to 50s. They sell their property and move, to somewhere. They are too young to retire, but too old to inherit.

The family who I met last week had 50 million~70 million yen of real estate property, and they built their house only 3 years ago, but they sold it, and are going somewhere.

We are not supposed to ask where they are going.

As you know, famous people are moving out of Japan as well. They move to far islands or move to America or Canada.

3) Isn’t there a subscription button ?

I made one. Yes, I’m becoming a greedy beggar.

I think paypal will invoice you monthly, but don’t know how you are supposed to cancel it. I hope to hear if anyone tries it.

Of course you can read this even if you don’t pay anything.

I’m thinking of putting the names of the donators (Only if you approve of this first though!). This is all for honor.

Thank you for supporting me all the time.

I recently noticed, nuclear industry is united internationally. They all try to downplay all the nuclear accidents. I feel like I spend the rest of my life on fighting against them.

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