JP Gov officially admitted that Japanese food is harmful

Since 311, every time it turned out a kind of food is contaminated, they made “safety” limit, such as 500 Bq/Kg for vegetables, and allowed them to distribute.

However, at today’s meeting of the Lower House Budget Committee, Edano former chief cabinet secretary, current minister of Economy, Trade and Industry admitted that it is harmful for your health if you keep having it for one year.

Edano former chief cabinet secretary is famous for his trade mark phrase, “In short term,it is not harmful”.
He was even called “Short term fraud” by some people.

It is not a small number of people who trusted his word and didn’t evacuate or kept eating food under the “safety limit”.

At today’s meeting of the Lower House Budget Committee, he “explained”.

He held 39 press conferences in the first 2 weeks after 311.

BUT he said “In short term, it is not harmful” ONLY 7 times.

OF those, 5 “In short term, it is not harmful”s were for food and drink.

By this he “meant”, you will be sick if you keep having it for one year, but if you have it once or twice, it doesn’t hurt your body.

2 “In short term, it is not harmful”s were for the north west area of Fukushima plant, which was severely contaminated right after the explosions.

It therefore means, those people who stayed there for long time shall be damaged by radiation.

In conclusion, as Japanese government admitted, if you keep having food from Japan for one year, probably you will be sick.

If it’s only once or twice, you may be ok.

People who abandoned their own sense of judgement, and trusted the government blindly, great job. Good bye.


Otsuka Norikazu, a TV news caster was a good Japanese. He devoted himself for the national campaign of “Let’s support north Japan by eating their food.”

He was sent to the hospital for acute lymphatic leukemia on 11/7/2011.

In the morning, he touched his neck and felt something strange. He went to the doctor.

The doctor diagnosed him to be acute lymphatic leukemia.

It is not clear the connection between his patriotic challenge and acute lymphatic leukemia.It will never be clear.

His TV show was named “Wake up TV”. He actually woke up some Japanese at the end of his career.


  1. Dear Mochizuki-san,

    Wow, not only the food issue, but this looks like the first real disagreement in govt. Someone is asking very hard questions. Who is the man questioning Edano?

    Is this being translated yet?


    1. To Adam :
      The man questioning EDANO is LDP party and Diet member Seiichi Murakami (who often asks hard and focused questions concerning the nuclear crisis…. though it should not be forgotten that the LDP (Liberal Democratic Party) is the one which promoted nuclear plants in Japan).


      1. In the 1970’s, The IAEA said that there was an 80-90% chance of nuclear meltdown of the Fukushima reactors in a large natural disaster and that the plants should be shut down immediately. All governments since that time, in Japan, have continued using the old plants that needed external energy supplies to cool them and no political parties shut them down or updated their technologies. They were sold to Japan by GE and marketed as being cheap and easy to assemble. All political parties in power since that time let Japan down. Insufficient lessons were learned from Tokai Mura and Monju.

        Japan needs more green energy and has good sources for them. Nuclear power is NOT needed in Japan, the country in the world most prone to earthquakes. Many countries with large infrastructures that need a lot of power have replaced nuclear power with other energy sources. Just like fossil fuels, uranium is a limited resource that we only have a few hundred years worth of. We need to build sustainable infrastructures that do not increase our chances of getting cancer, now the disease that kills more than any other disease in the world.

    2. Ingesting any radionuclide is harmful; as you increase the dose, so do you increase the odds that you will suffer from serious illness or death. Children are many, many times more vulnerable than adults to suffer from illness from these types of exposures. Raising “acceptable” levels of radiation for children equivalent to maximum levels set for adult workers at nuclear power plants will only insure that Japanese children will have much higher rates of cancer and other illnesses in the coming years.

      Steven Starr
      Senior Scientist, Physicians for Social Responsibility
      Columbia, MO USA

      1. Yes… but that would be an official way to say that Japan is poisoned all over and not a safe place to live anymore. I don’t think France would risk a diplomatic clash like this one with the Japanese authorities.

        1. Well–odd that the French wold take them in because of French government’s terrible record withits ow nuclear power plants. How about Le Hague, belching rad-waste into the ocean off the Breton coast?

      2. Not all Japan is contaminated! Fukushima are is, and districts around it a bit too, but saying ALL Japan is a little bit too much hysteric. Charnobyl was 20x bigger disaster, I lived close to it (800km) and I am a very healthy person. But Japan help to people in Fukushima ken is just so bad, and so not informative, that is scary.
        Most scary part is the actual ignorance of Japanese not fighting for their rights much more than they do now, and still believing that “the Government always fix everything so they not need to care”.
        I live in Japan, I ask questions to random people often, I am very much disappointed by people attitude.

  2. To Adam :
    The man questioning EDANO is LDP party and Diet member Seiichi Murakami (who often asks hard and focused questions concerning the nuclear crisis…. though it should not be forgotten that the LDP (Liberal Democratic Party) is the one which promoted nuclear plants in Japan).

  3. (beware sarcasm) The word gourmet power gets a total new meaning. Fuji TV is doing its best to spread pro nuke propaganda. It is funny that Fuji TV is located in Odaiba at the Tokyo Bay, well soon enough they will get some highly radiactive ash from the inceniration plant for landfills, delivered at their doorsteps. Even if the radiactive nightmare gets too obvious to be surpressed. Please do not forget to smile Fuji TV newscasters.
    Like Prof. Yamashita said only sad people get ill by radiation.
    (sarcasm end)

      1. p.s. Old pasta lasts for 3-4 years…old cookies-1 year…1-2 year aged cheeses…dried fruits- 2 years… chocolate bars-2 years. Old seaweed-years… old applesauces-2 years, and you can get the boxes of “old” almond, hemp and other “milks,” as well as soups for vegetable content. That’s pretty much my winter menu in the Northern Hemisphere for you. Time to start some indoor sprout and veggie gardens and order more fresh food from the Southern Hemisphere…

        1. also, froze a lot of meats, fish, and veggies pre-Fuku and have a bundle of canned beans for the next few years.

  4. This French town is wonderful to offer assistance… one town cannot take all of Japan, Iori. This is a generous offer. Wonderful news!

  5. Thank you for the TV grab pictures of Otsuka and his TV show girls.

    I am also glad to read your analysis of how many times the notorious Minister Edano (he is a Japanese lawyer too) used the famous deceptive words.
    And that he deceives the Japanese people yet again with a new phrase.
    So, in a word, he is always a “professional” liar-lawyer.

    So, a cheerful eater from a Japanese TV show is hospitalized now at last…after months of cheer-leading the ridiculous consumption of contaminated food/water from the contaminated lands…
    This is called “fate”, isn’t it?

    Actually, many Japanese are now refraining from eating meat, fish and fresh vegetables because these 3 items are the most contaminated, not to mention milk.
    But some Japanese dare to choose to do the opposite in order to die a very violent death, too.

    …Well, at least, Japan is also a free country and they are free to do so.
    But, at least, the Japanese TV shows should not encourage that on air.

    All I can say is that it’s literally “jaw dropping” to see these TV show girls and the latest victim Otsuka “eating” things like “Kawamata Shamo Chicken” and mushrooms from Fukushima prefecture, etc, with smiles in early morning.
    At least, they were “professional actors”, weren’t they?

    I will keep these pictures in my HDD forever so that we will not forget how the Japanese “government” and the TEPCO murdered their own people in 2011.

  6. great work very very well, this page.

    message with every bad here my heart drank more,
    disappointment and incomprehension, the money is worth more than life! creepy
    I always had respect for the culture and the iron’s sake from those people. UNFORTUNATELY, it turns into the opposite, the lost face, and I am sure, they feel every day more global civil, like the same
    shame YOU! TEPCO and JPgov.-. Someone from japan, best one lawyer, one would in Geneva, Belgium, the international court of Human justice, complain and switch
    by genocide, failure to render assistance !!!

    by one Terran

  7. Since the beginning of the nuclear disaster, I got the message to avoid fruit and vegetables, tap water, this message being repeated many times ! I forwarded it to the Japanese Press and Government.
    If you want to know the TRUTH, go to my blog ATTENTIONDANGER where I publish warnings, predictions and advice. As the comparative study I am working on at present (first part published today in French, translation to come) is showing, all information given to me, was and is RIGHT.

    1. Translation in ENGLISH of Part 1 of comparative study on events and predictions, warnings and advice to the Japanese people, Government and Press published on ATTENTIONDANGER !

      1. Translation of Part 2 has been published today.
        I invite you to check yourself the TRUTH of the messages which were sent to predict, warn and advise the Japanese people and the whole world given the extreme dimensions of dangerosity of this nuclear disaster, the biggest of any time ; and it is far from over !
        To save your life : get out of Japan !
        God bless you !

  8. This is natural selection. People who are foolish enough to eat food (not radioactive waste) from the affected areas will likely simply be eliminated from the gene pool.

    I wonder how the girls who ate with Otsuka Norikazu on his show feel now regarding their obviously foolish choice. It is amazing how foolish people are at times like this. Again this whole scenario is simply beyond belief still to this day. It is a horror movie of epic proportions in real life.

    As for Edano lies “no immediate effect to human health”. These words will come back to haunt him when the illnesses start to appear. The people will demand justice by public hanging (as they should). The government while all being responsible will only be so happy to sacrifice him so they can carry on.

    I knew from day 1 that the food would be serious issue after 3-11 and knew Edano was liar when he opened his mouth. I am just amazed at how foolish so many people are in that they will continue to consume food from these areas. People, it is no longer food!

    1. I’d prefer to call it “unnatural selection”.

      Food which kills you is in this case man-made, nature and evolution have nothing to do with it. You can be the fittest person in the world — if you eat enough of it, it’s game over.

      1. Besides kids who eat this are not foolish, they’re abuse victims. Survivors, when they’ll grow up, won’t be a happy crowd. I see no natural selection process here, only a genocide.

        1. You are quite right. The children are innocents and the parents are foolish beyond words but the government is downright evil. Genocidal maniacs who need to be hanged in public.

        2. You are quite right. The children are innocents and the parents are foolish beyond words but the government is downright evil. Genocidal maniacs who need to be held accountable to the full extent.

  9. i am undergoing a mixture of negative emotions right now. though i tried to avoid buying stuff from tohoku area, i am still not sure if the food i buy is safe to eat. i am pregnant also… can’t help but to cry out of frustration and extreme anger!!! i hope my child will not be affected. these people, especially edano, surely fucked up not just their own people but foreigners like me as well.
    congratulations for a very good job and still wondering what the hell are you doing in the government?

    1. Kimmie,

      Mochizuki-san is right. Please take good care of yourself, also for your child’s sake.

      The best would be to leave during pregnancy and to have the baby born somewhere else. If you can’t do that, try to eat foreign food.

      Also…don’t lose the joy, send the baby good feelings and thoughts. We can’t let this evil event destroy the foundation of life itself, which is love and generosity.



      (please note : this has been advised since the beginning of the Fukushima disaster)


      Is-it this serious ? YES


      All of Japan ? YES

    1. At present, is there strontium in the Pacific in Japan ? YES


      please note : THOUSAND in the sense of “many” or “very”

      1. Good idea!! 20g/day of salt…and we’ll rather die from cardiovascular disease before getting a cancer…brilliant man!! That’s your recommendation for the 120milion people living in this country?? That’s why I gave up following gaijin news about the subject…it’s full of hysteric opinions from people abroad that don’t know anything of what’s going on in this country…

  10. I think food from Australia needs to be checked too!

    In 1950 there was nuclear testing in Australia by the British.

    The land was contaminated and the are looks like it used for farming (cattle!) Plutonium was involved in these tests, but I’m not sure about the fallout! If anyone has test Australian food, or has information about the fall out or know of current Australain standards please let us know!

    See map:

    Now I’m worried I can’t eat Aussie beef anymore.

    Information is hard to find, but I think we have to protect ourselves and not depend on the government.

    1. They do have background radiation from tests last century, but it’s nothing compared to Japan or other places in direct aim of the Jet Stream.

      Some scientists contend that Australia is also subject to depleted uranium on wind currents from warheads in the Middle East and from their own gigantic uranium mines. Otherwise, it’s pretty much a dream place to be these days! 🙂

  11. But hey he had to eat somewhere … yes absolutely he has also probably to blame .. and the politicians should take tremendous time at themselves … to say directly: hey eat food from the north that are clean .. . and what do you say?

  12. Iori,

    Your sarcasm is priceless. I love your wit and funny criticalness of J govt and media. Please don’t stop the blog as I need a good laugh every single day. Maybe there is room for “Fukushima Standup” comedy routine?

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