Actually emitted Te was 109 times more than it was reported in June

Let’s review how they deceive us.

  • 1) Don’t report anything
  • 2) Report something but it’s much less than actual “by mistake”
  • 3) Revise (2)

I thought I learnt the trick and I took it a rule to read their data to be 10 times worse than it’s reported.

However, they seem to have improved.

Their released data of radiation amount emitted to the air turned out to be one in 108.5 times of actual.

Especially Tellurium



Tepco secretly released revised version of the data on 10/20/2011, which was released on 6/6/2011 originally.

Even apart from Tellurium, there are some nuclides that show irrational (suspicious) increase from the original release.

(Page 2 → 6/6/2011, Page 3 →10/20/2011)


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