Acute lymphatic leukemia news caster Otsuka may die in 5 years for 70%

Following up to our previous post “JP Gov officially admitted that Japanese food is harmful”

Mr. Otsuka Norikazu turned out to have acute lymphatic leukemia.

Since 311, he has been “supporting north Japan by eating their food”.

The connection between his patriotism and acute lymphatic leukemia is not clear, but German TV introduces like this.

German TV piece

He declared that he will be back on TV by next March or April, but he has his neck connected to the tube, and they are injecting anticancer drug.

Now he is 63 years old. Statistically, even though he goes though the hard time to fight against cancer, the chance of surviving is 30~40% in 5 years.

All we could do is to wish him the best luck.



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