New fraud business after nuclear

除染地獄 国民負担増40兆円
Decontamination hell. The national burden increases to 40 trillion yen

As the political administration will be handed over, they will make use of it to the limit of irresponsibility (as incompetently as possible).


Finally, the pm of Japan, Mr. Noda announced the operation schedule regarding the decontamination of the land in Fukushima prefecture, but frankly speaking the chances of putting it into practice is zero. They say they’ll find a temporary storage facility site inside the prefecture, but “the potential location is a totally blank sheet (The Ministry of the Environment)”.”Our city” is full of contaminated land. The local gov, who has been actively invited, is not expected to show up. If the choice of the site for storage is postponed, the decontamination work will be behind the schedule .


One more problem is the costs of the decontamination work, which will be made on our account.


At first, Noda administration established/delimited that the areas to be decontaminated were those with “more than 5 mSv/yearly dose”, but the local administrations in areas which the dose will be under 5 mSv opposed vehemently. Goshi Hosono, the Minister of the Environment, worrying that the approved dose might get lower, expanded the areas to be decontaminated even for places in which the radiation dose is not supposed to be “over 1 mSv per year”. As a result, aside from Fukushima prefecture, the areas to be decontaminated have been expanded from a range of approximately 1,800 square km to approximately 8,000 square km, to 7 other prefectures which include Miyagi, Ibaraki, Tochigi, Gunma, Chiba, Saitama prefectures and Tokyo, which cover approximately 5,000 square km.
(according to a person involved in the administration concerned with dealing with radioactivity)


By the way, talking about decontamination plan of Iitate village, the total amount of expenses for the targeted range, which is approximately 230 square km, is 322,400 million yen. If we apply this amount of money to the targeted areas, the expenses for the decontamination of the country reach approximately 18,800 billion yen. As they’ll discover more hot spots from now on, the decontamination expenses will keep going up.


The building of temporary storage facilities is also a problem. The Noda Administration is not going to reveal even the scale of the facilities, but that will be to approximately 28 million cubic meters in Fukushima prefecture, meaning that polluted soil and waste will cover an area large enough to fill 23 Tokyo Domes. The expenses for building the storage facilities will be tremendously high.


In Rokkashomura, Aomori prefecture, there is an “underground center for depositing low-level radioactive waste”, in which radioactive waste resulted from the nuclear plants from allover the country is buried underground. Construction costs for this place are approximately 160 billion yen for 200,000 cubic meters. The he country says it will take the underground center in Rokkashomura as a reference in the construction of the storage facility . If they make a similar storage facility, approximately 22,400 billion yen will be needed, which is 140 times higher than the costs for building the underground center in Rokkashomura. (according to a person involved in the political administration)

少なく見積もっても総額40兆円強。国の年間税収を軽く上回るカネが「除染」と「中間貯蔵施設」に費やされるのだ。さすがに東電にもこんな大金を賄える体力は残っていない。いずれ大増税と電気料金の大幅アップという形で 国民にツケが回ってくるのは 間違いない。

It will cost a little over 40 trillion yen at least. The slight rise in the amount of money for the annual tax revenue will be spent on “decontamination” and “temporary storage facilities”. As expected, Tokyo Electric doesn’t have the means to get such an amount of money. There is no doubt that the ones who will have to pay will be the citizens, by tax increases and rise in electricity costs in the near future.

こうなると、ロクに財源の手当てもせず、工程表に「3年後に中間貯蔵施設の利用を開始」と明記した野田政権は 国家的詐欺集団だ。どうせ、3年後には政権の座を明け渡しているからと、デタラメの限りを尽くしているとしか思えない。

Getting to this point, without proper allowance for financial resources.

Noda administration, who specified in the operation schedule that “3 years later the temporary storage facilities will be inaugurated”, is a group guilty of national fraud. As the political administration seats will be handed over 3 years later anyway, all I can think is that they will make use of it to the limit of irresponsibility (as incompetently as possible).


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