Children stopped growing in Fukushima

In Koriyama shi Fukushima, Dr Kikuchi Nobutaro surveyed the increase of the weight of the children.

They compared the increase of the weight of 245 of 4~5 years old children at 2 kindergartens in Koriyamachi.and they pointed out children grew up only 26% of last year. It can be said, children stopped growing up in Koriyama, Fukushima.

As the result,
7/2009 ~ 6/2010 → +3.1kg
7/2010 ~ 6/2011→ +0.81kg (only 26% of growth measured the previous year)

Another doctor gives a comment about this.


Dr.Kikuchi states it may be because children can’t play outside, they lost muscles.

However, mothers testify their children don’t say they are hungry anymore. It’s very unusual. Some of the children have grown only by 500g through the year.


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