Fukushima local gov doesn’t let people evacuate to keep their salary

A Japanese journalist Iwakami Yasumi had an interview with former city mayor of Akune shi, Kagoshima and a village councilor of Kawauchimura Fukushima on 11/3/2011.

They made it clear why Fukushima government does not allow the people escape.

They say, the amount of salary for the public officers are fixed. They have already built their “life plan” based on the salary base.

They therefore can never let people move out or they will lose the money maker.

Fukushima government trap their people inside of the case keeping them exposed.
What they take care of is not people’s health.

It’s only tax income.

The interviewees get to the conclusion from their experience as politician, Kawauchi mura, Fukushima government, and Japanese government, they are all the same.

To keep people exploited to pay for their life, governments will never allow them to evacuate.

Of the government, by the government, for the government.

  1. Fuk the government! The people of Japan had better get away from all their distractions and and stop being afraid to rock the boat and stir things up and take the country back from the corporations and puppets who run offices or the boat of Japan may sink.

  2. Yeah, that is what the Japanese “rulers” have been doing to the people of Fukushima and everywhere else.
    The Japanese “uyoku” right wing force and the “Police” of Tokyo have been profiting from the slavery, too, while they abused the mothers at the tent city in front of the Ministry of nuclear power (Ministry of Economy etc) recently.

    Perhaps, even the Japanese royal family are their slaves as well today. They have seen the health of Akihito the Emperor and Princess Aiko deteriorate recently (last week).

    As long as the “King Ishihara the Traitor” of Tokyo “government” keeps on contaminating the entire Tokyo area with his disgusting poison, the Japanese head of state and his entire family will not survive for a long time.

    Unfortunately, the Socialist Party Mayor, Nobuto Hosaka, of Setagaya Ward did nothing to force Ishihara to stop the contamination of Tokyo.
    He failed to deliver his promise of “democracy” to his people of Setagaya, too.

    So, the time left for the Japanese head of state and his entire family may be as short as for the Fukushima’s children as well.
    All thanks to Governor Ishihara, Minister of nuclear power Edano (the bizarre looking former Cabinet Spokesman who famously lied in March “Fukushima’s radiation is not harmful…NOT IMMEDIATELY”), “uyoku” right wing forces and the Tokyo “police” force.

    They and the former Japanese PM Naoto Kan are perhaps “spies” working for foreign secret services since long time ago in order to “exterminate” the Japanese royal family now together with millions of Japanese people using the radiation.

  3. I know people have said it before, but Japan is done.

    Japan will never be the same. Watch out for terrible violence as people seek to escape basically the northern 2/3 or at least 1/2 of Honshu Island, especially, now that people are fully catching on at how badly they, and we, in the Northern hemisphere, too, okay here in North America, have been grotesquely lied to, deliberately, essentially murdering untold millions.

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