Fukushima local gov doesn’t let people evacuate to keep their salary

A Japanese journalist Iwakami Yasumi had an interview with former city mayor of Akune shi, Kagoshima and a village councilor of Kawauchimura Fukushima on 11/3/2011.

They made it clear why Fukushima government does not allow the people escape.

They say, the amount of salary for the public officers are fixed. They have already built their “life plan” based on the salary base.

They therefore can never let people move out or they will lose the money maker.

Fukushima government trap their people inside of the case keeping them exposed.
What they take care of is not people’s health.

It’s only tax income.

The interviewees get to the conclusion from their experience as politician, Kawauchi mura, Fukushima government, and Japanese government, they are all the same.

To keep people exploited to pay for their life, governments will never allow them to evacuate.

Of the government, by the government, for the government.

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