More than 100 Bq/Kg of cesium from 8 of 9 wild boars in Nikko Tochigi


Hunter’s club in Nikko Tochigi hunted 9 wild boars, 3 bears, and 21 deers in Nikko city to measure radiation. They are going to lift the hunting regulation in November.
The measurement was done to motivate hunters but it has been restricted to ship wild boars and deers since December.

As a result, they measured higher than 100 Bq/Kg of cesium from 8 of 9 wild boars.
Detailed data of the entire measurement is not known.






  1. For Fair Use: Education.
    Dedicated to “Mary” & “StillJill”:

    Send all this contaminated foodstuff to Canada.
    Neither our governence nor industry in general, give even a rat’s ass about any of our lives, by mandating radioactivity limits that even the Japanese, Russians & Ukrainians would find horribly absurd. Our lives are truely “Too Cheap to Meter” to industry & government.

    Quoted from:
    “Nuclear Regulator Allows ʻTritium Unlimitedʼ
    by Gordon Edwards, Ph.D., President of CCNR, September 15/2012
    On February 1, 2010, a tritium light factory (SSI) located at the Peterborough Airport released 147 trillion becquerels of tritium to the
    atmosphere in about 5 minutes. This did not become public knowledge until 2012.
    Instead of being alarmed and galvanized by this enormous radioactive release, the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission staff trivialized the
    event by saying that the release was far below the “derived release limit” of 34 MILLION trillion becquerels per year — a limit so astronomical in size that it is literally absurd.
    In fact the sudden release of 147 trillion becquerels of tritium was about 30% of the maximum allowed annual release according to the LICENCED release limit of 500 trillion becquerels per year –a very permissive limit indeed! But that limit is 68,000 times LESS than the “derived release limit”
    Are you confused? Well, congratulations! That’s exactly what the nuclear establishment seems to be seeking to accomplish: confusion to
    the point of mystification.

    The paper below was written by Dr. Hendrickson three days before it was discovered (April 12 2012) that Shield Source Incorporated (SSI) had been exceeding the LICENCED maximum permissible annual releases of tritium (specified in its CNSC licence) throughout the years 2010 and 2011 without the CNSC ever knowing.
    It was revealed that SSI’s actual tritium emissions had been about 5 times higher than those that were officially reported to the CNSC, and
    about 3 times higher than the maximum permissible LICENCED annual releases as specified in the CNSC licence.
    [Maximum allowed licenced releases: 500 trillion becquerels per year;
    Actual releases: approx. 1500 trillion becquerels per year.]
    In August 2012, a “Root Cause Analysis” Report concluded that SSI had been similarly understating its annual tritium releases for 18 years without the CNSC ever noticing.”

    This is genocide. Please redistribute for the world to see. The Japanese government has no monopoly on fascism.

    7000Bq/l limit for Tritium in drinking water? No wonder many of my down-wind relatives in Ontario are dead or dying of cancer. Tritium unlimited, indeed.
    Few here seem to know to care, or even care to know. They will all die a slow and lingering death and likely never know why. And you thought you were alone & isolated in Japan. We have much more in common than many would dare to admit.

    Link possible thanks to “Bobby1” & dedicated to “Mary” & “StillJill”:

    PS: If anyone wants to rebutt the Thorium fallacy; here is a document by Dr. Edwards titled “Thinking About Thorium” including a reprint of “Thorium Reactors: Back to the Dream Factory”.
    “Thorium reactors do not eliminate problems The bottom line is this. Thorium reactors still produce high-level radioactive waste, they still pose problems and opportunities for the proliferation of nuclear weapons, they still pose catastrophic accident scenarios as potential targets for terrorist or military attack, for example.
    Proponents of thorium reactors argue that all of these risks are somewhat reduced in comparison with the conventional plutonium breeder concept.
    Whether this is true or not, the fundamental problems associated with nuclear power have by no means been eliminated.

    Gordon Edwards, Ph.D., President,
    Canadian Coalition for Nuclear Responsibility.”

    Thank you, again, Mochizuki-san. My deepest humble bow to you and those like you.

    “May the light at the end of the tunnel never be from Chernekov Radiation.”

      1. Forgive me if i seemed to infer that the release of radiation from that infamous EXIT-sign manufacturer in any way challenges the apocolypses of Chernobyl or Fukushima (not counting Mr. Lynch’s other plants in the US). I wonder if the Peterborough, Ontario mistakes would even rate an INES level of 3.
        Prove one death associated with this release and it may warrant a higher level.

        More about SSI’s malfeasence:

        Quoted from
        By Zach Ruiter; Global Research, April 26, 2012

        “The Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission, CNSC, recently announced the cancellation of the May 2nd tribunal hearing to consider a requested ten year operating licence renewal for Shield Source.

        The CNSC has also restricted Shield Source’s operating licence to forbid the company from processing tritium gas, yet the regulator contends “doses to the public are well below regulatory limits and the safety of the public, workers and the environment have not been compromised”.

        A letter from the Peterborough County Health Unit’s Medical Officer of Health, Dr. Rosana Pellizzari, states a “grave health concern” over tritium emissions, noting “We have a small industry in Peterborough emitting more than a major nuclear industry”.

        When water contaminated with tritium, a known carcinogen, is ingested by pregnant women, it can cause fetal malformation according to Dr. Ken Ranney. Dr. Ranney is a Peterborough resident and retired pathologist who argues “its hard for me to see why this enterprise should be necessary at all”.

        SAGE spokesperson Jeff Brackett has recently revealed that Shield Source owner, William E. Lynch Jr. is also the owner of Isolite in Berwyn Pennsylvania, and Safety Light in Wayne Pennsylvania.

        The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has taken over the Safety Light site and started a $17 million clean-up paid for by taxpayers. Speaking to Pamela Vanmeer of CHEX News, Lynch claimed “Safety Light does not have the resources to pay for clean up and that most of the contamination was from previous owners of the company.”

        According to transcripts of a CNSC hearing into Shield Source’s operating licence in 2009, Lynch was specifically asked if there was any connection to a company known as Safety Light Corporation. In response Mr. Lynch said, “Shield Source was started in the mid-80’s on its own, has no affiliation of its own with Safety Light or any other U.S. corporation”

        Dr. Gordon Edwards of the Canadian Coalition for Nuclear Responsibility, CCNR, contends the decision to cancel the public hearing is a “small but significant victory”. Because Shield Source will not be allowed to process tritium for the time being, Edwards claims it allows groups opposing the company “to cultivate support for a principled position against the opportunistic marketing of radioactive waste products from nuclear reactors”.”

        1. ah, crud. sorry, my error. it’s back again.
          Quoted from Fukushima Diary: “Your comment is awaiting moderation. ”

  2. It’s a terrible thing to hunt bears.

    Those Boars will become ill over time, and no doubt die early.

  3. Same thing happened in Germany after chernobyl. The boars/pigs are still contaminated. They eat mushrooms in the forests. No one should eat wild boar meat. It would be interesting to compare the contamination levels between Germany (years after Chernobyl) and Fukushima..NOW!!

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