America to restart importing Fukushima beef

As of 10/23/2012, America will restart importing beef from Fukushima. They will be sold at high-end restaurants.

America hasn’t imported Japanese beef for 2 years and 6 months.


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Français :

L’Amérique va reprendre ses importations de bœuf de Fukushima

Le 23 octobre 2012, l’Amérique va reprendre ses importations de bœuf de Fukushima. Ils seront vendus en bout de chaîne aux restaurants.

L’Amérique n’a pas importé de bœuf japonais depuis 2 ans et 6 mois.


Article lié : Les USA continuent d’importer des produits alimentaires marins du Japon même après le 11-3


  1. !!! uh, that sounds dangerous. I didn’t know they still had living creatures in Fukushima proper??…:(

  2. Hope Hillary eats all the Fukushima and Japanese food imports–but bet she doesnt. And bet her daughter and husband dont either! Or Bill…

  3. If people are ignorant enough to eat the crap, and they are, then let them eat it. It is time we stopped sheperding these stupid sheep. American has become a nation of people who dont care where their food comes from, and those who still blindly follow deserve all that is comming to them. The same people who promote Monsanto, and tainted Fukushima beef, do not allow it to be served in their homes. This is common knowledge, and yet the average consumer in America eats it up. I say thin the herd, as there is no hope for these people who cannot see outside their televisual programming, and what it tells them to do. Only when the damage is done do they cry for help, and then it is too late. I do not feel sorry for them one bit, for if they choose to shun these companies and the lies and death they promote then we could see true change. If you do not care enough to know where your food comes from it is your problem.

    1. I hope you eat some Ming, fed to you by someone you trust, who bought it becase an evil government allowed it to be sold.

      The people that will eat this contaminated beef are not stupid or ignorant, they are victims of careless and evil government employees that do not care about anyone but themselves and their own jobs.

      Everyone should speak out about this, and publicise the name and title of the people that are allowing this to happen. Public Shaming, lawsuits, and possible job loss are the only thing that will make them think twice about screwing innocent consumers into eating this contaminated food.

      Make the people responsible famous!

  4. How ironic! Those who are making money from telling us there is no danger from radiation in my country will be eating contaminated food.

  5. Get it while it’s hot!

    Or just stop eating meat altogether. It’s much healthier.

  6. I am not eating Japanese beef nor any Japanese food stuffs; none! NONE! Keep the radiation in Fukushima, Japan! Do not spread it any further! The world has seen what radiation does to people and we don’t want any of it! We are not stupid, just powerless to the greedy elite who make these asinine decisions!

  7. Mochizuki, it looks as if your site has been discovered by the rightwing – I post your information on my fb page several times a week, and direct people to your site — this is a humanitarian issue, far beyond the partisan politics of America, and I hope that cruel commentary aimed at advancing political anger don’t become a daily event.

    Do you know what company will be importing the beef, do you have any information as to what department in the government, and document has been signed that changes the status of Japanese imports?

  8. Thankfully I stopped eating in restaurants 4 years ago when I became aware of the dangers of GMOs, MSGs, and rBGH. Only eat organic!

  9. Strange … I thought America had their own beef!!! It’s just like Canada importing all those Chicken Jerky treats for dogs from China! I guess Canada doesn’t have any chickens either!!

    1. … a waste by-product ceases to be waste, technically, when it is advanced & sold as a “product”. It is truly astonishing how much “canadian” beef is shipped south of the border for processing. If not for that fact, the XL ecoli outbreak would have gone on far longer before being sourced.

      Just who do you think those Chicken Jerky treats feed? It’s not just dogs; it is the poor, including our elderly! None of them deserve to be treated like dogs.

      So, just what do people in Japan think of canadian beef (and other foods)? Tell me; i can take it!

      I eat very little now, compared to how i used to eat. Body fat stores little radiation, iirc. I do have to consume some foods to maintain muscle-mass. Got to give the cesium somewhere to go as i wash it down with tritiated water…

      IF i had a choice of whom to vote for in any election, i would vote for “None Of The Above”! As i have no choice of whom to vote FOR, clearly i do not live in a democracy.

  10. Revealed to the world: What happens when Fukushima Beef is Amerikanized?

    Glow-In-The-Dark Pink Slime! (cue Paul Shaffer)

    In other words: Beef that Eats You!

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