Futabamachi mayor, “Like in Auschwitz camp, our DNA is massacred in Fukushima prefecture just like guinea pigs”


Futabamachi town mayor, Idogawwa has been purged to oppose accepting interim storage facility of contaminated soil produced from decontamination. [Link 1] Since he was seriously exposed in 311, he has been having the serious health symptoms. (cf, Futaba town mayor “Fukushima medical university stops us from having exposure test.” [Link 2])
On 1/20/2013, he was hospitalized for emergency [Link 3], and on 1/23/2013, he announced to resign.

On the temporary website of the town, he commented like this below,

<Summarize and translate>

“Surrender” is for us not to do anything for the current situation.
Not to surrender, we mustn’t forget about these things.
– Tepco and the government stated any nuclear accident will never happen.
– The accident wasn’t caused by us.
– They made us exposed to radiation.
– We are going to be forced to clean up the radiation.
– We have to go back to our town of 20mSv/y.

We learnt a lot from this accident. We did learn our country underestimates human lives. ・・・
Shirakawa city of Fukushima has Auschwitz camp museum. It’s famous that the Nazis massacred Jewish with poisonous gas. Ironically enough, in Fukushima prefecture, our DNA is also massacred by radiation. There is no other option to guarantee our health than letting us evacuate as soon as possible. ・・・
There is not enough study to prove the safety standard about artificial radionuclide. If they say there is no effect on our health in 20mSv/y, they should live there with their own family to prove that is safe. ・・・
We are treated like guinea pig. It’s the same as a foreign tyrant launches missiles to us.






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Français :

Le maire de Futabamachi  : “Dans la préfecture de Fukushima c’est comme au camp d’Auschwitz, notre ADN est massacré comme si on était des cobayes”

Le maire de Futabamachi, M. Idogawwa, a été démis pour s’être opposé à l’accueil dans sa commune d’un lieu de stockage provisoire pour des sols contaminés issus de la décontamination. [Lien1] Depuis qu’il a été gravement exposé pendant le 11-3, il a de graves problèmes de santé.  (cf. Futaba town mayor “Fukushima medical university stops us from having exposure test.” [Lien2])
Le 20 janvier 2013, il a été hospitalisé d’urgence [Lien3] et le 23 janvier 2013, il annonce sa démission.

Sur le site temporaire de la ville, il a écrit ceci :

<Résumé et traduit>
“se rendre” est pour nous ne rien faire sur la situation actuelle.
Ne pas se rendre, nous ne devons pas oublier ces choses :
– Tepco et le gouvernement ont affirmé qu’aucun accident nucléaire ne pourrait arriver.
– L’accident n’a pas été provoqué par nous.
– Ils nous ont exposé à la radioactivité.
– Nous allons être forcés de nettoyer la radioactivité.
– Nous devons retourner dans notre ville à 20 mSv/an.

Nous avons beaucoup appris par cet accident. Nous avons appris que notre pays sous-estime les vies humaines. ・・・
La commune de Shirakawa de Fukushima a son musée sur le camp d’Auschwitz. Il est très connu que les nazis ont massacré les juifs avec des gaz toxiques. De façon assez ironique, dans la préfecture de Fukushima notre ADN est aussi massacré par la radioactivité. Il n’y a pas d’autre solution pour garantir note santé que de nous laisser évacuer le plus vite possible. ・・・
Il n’y a pas assez d’études pour prouver les standards de sécurité sur les radionucléides artificiels. S’ils disent qu’il n’y a pas d’effet sur notre santé à 20m Sv/an, ils venir devraient vivre ici avec leur propre famille pour nous prouver que c’est sans risque. ・・・
On nous traite comme des cobayes. C’est identique à un tyran étranger tirant des missiles sur nous.


Article lié : Le gouverneur de Fukushima, M. Sato, hospitalisé pour saignements du diverticule du colon [Lien4]


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  1. When I read about the other nuclear hosting localities in Japan, I see them trying their hardest to get their nuclear plants restarted as soon as they can.

    I can certainly feel for the people of towns like Futaba, but isn’t the town government at least partly responsible for accepting and supporting these dangerous plants in the first place?

    And why, after the clear evidence from Fukushima, are the other towns hosting nuclear plants not screaming to have them permanently decommissioned? Can their officials not learn from the experience of Futaba.

    There is NO FUTURE in nuclear power. You are better off without it, even if your town shrinks and you all have to eek out a living by fishing and farming. I’m sure the residents of Futaba now wish very much that they had just said NO to the nuclear industry money. LEARN other nuclear cities. Please LEARN the lesson from Fukushima – Nuclear power requires perfection. People are not perfect. Plants WILL fail and people WILL DIE!

  2. This man has courage, and since that is completely inappropriate for a mayor he must be silenced for good. I’m amazed but not surprised that the town council wants to accept the debris, I guess reality clashes with their greed-based alternate reality.

    1. Where is the confusion in their minds ? What are they ‘protecting’ , future generations ?? We have here a case of officials that do not understand science , DNA and Retarded Mutants as a future generation …

      WHERE are the full(fool?)-of-wisdom ‘scientists’ to guide us and dismiss the inept officials ? With their heads in Who’s ass ??

  3. I found the perspective of the Mayor insightful as to the thought processing in relation to authority such government.. The Mayor stated that they were basically waiting for the government to evacuate them, or at least declare it unsafe before moving on. He likened it to Auschwitz. Most of us reading Iori’s column understand and appreciate the scope of the tragedy, and know it is dire. Am I missing something about Japan, because as I understand it, the citizens can move about to other prefectures, or though more difficult abroad, yes? Therefore the belief about being a prisoner is a mental construct, is it not? Countless life is being lost because of this tragedy, and the management is appaling to say the least. Please people do not die because you are waiting for your government to give you permission..RUN NOW AND HOPE IT IS NOT TOO LATE!! This is all you can do at this point from ground zero..

  4. However, I wish people would stop referring to WWII all the time and the “death camps” which is ahistorical nonsense. See: Germar Rudolph, Dissecting the Holocaust; Germar Rudolph, Lectures on the Holocaust.
    The notion that people were gassed and then cremated is absurd, and never been proven to happen. The Holocaust story is full of holes, just like 911 !
    That is not to say the Nazis did not put many people in work camps, and that many died.

  5. Genetics being affected even at low radiation levels, the future of the Japanese people is at stake, reason why Divine Messages said since March 2011 to evacuate immediately. Divine predictions and recommendations were forwarded immediately to the Government and the Governor of Tokyo. Now people are experiencing what had been announced.
    You can find them all published on

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