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[Column] The return of investment in Japan

I sleep with my glass full of coffee beside my bed to wake up at 4AM and immediately start working. If you try to do something good, the earlier you


Tohoku university, “Radiocesium is more concentrated in the fetus than in the mother of Fukushima cattle”

On 1/23/2013, researching group of the experts published the report about the internal exposure of cattle abandoned in evacuation zone. The result shows radionuclides are more concentrated in children than

Contaminated water crisis Food contamination Sea contamination

Tepco officially announced to discharge contaminated water into Pacific ocean

  Fukushima Diary has been warning that Tepco would discharge the increasing contaminated water to the sea. (cf, Tepco plans to discharge contaminated water into the environment, “Getting permission of

Domestic and global Environment

Radioactive soil from decontamination dumped beside the tapwater source in Nihonmatsu city Fukushima

  According to journalist Kirishima, contaminated soil produced from decontamination is dumped beside Yamanoiri dam in Nihonmatsu city Fukushima, which is the tapwater source. It’s dumped on the heights even

Domestic and global Environment

Only 2 Japanese pond smelt caught from 3 days test fishing in Haruna lake Gunma

  On 1/22/2013, Fukushima Diary reported “Japanese pond smelt gone nearly extinct in Haruna lake Gunma, can’t even find a sample for radiation test”. [Link 1] By the third day


Futabamachi mayor, “Like in Auschwitz camp, our DNA is massacred in Fukushima prefecture just like guinea pigs”

  Futabamachi town mayor, Idogawwa has been purged to oppose accepting interim storage facility of contaminated soil produced from decontamination. [Link 1] Since he was seriously exposed in 311, he


Smoke from the common spent fuel

Around 10:45 of 1/24/2013, the fire alarm detected smoke on the basement floor of common spent fuel. It was the white smoke coming up from the power cable put on