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Aomori police put the notice against protests, “Prevention of nuisance”

毎週金曜日の青森金曜行動も氷点下7℃の中、昨日から始まりました。そして新年早々青森でも言論弾圧が始まった模様。駅前公園にこんな貼紙出現。青森警察署から「混乱を誘発・助長する行為」は逮捕?混乱させた後に人命まで奪う核燃はOKなくせに? — amさん (@arkwave) 1月 4, 2013 <Translate> We protest in Aomori every Friday. This year, in the cold weather of -7℃, it started it yesterday. Though the new

Contaminated water crisis Sea contamination

Tepco plans to discharge contaminated water into the environment, “Getting permission of related departments”

 Video streaming by Ustream↑ 1:06:55~ In the first press conference of Tepco on 1/4/2013, Tepco implied they are to discharge contaminated water to the environment. In this conference, Tepco commented

Contaminated water crisis Core removing struggle

[Column] Possibility of the enlargement of holes in reactor1

Fukushima Diary reported an unidentified decrease of the reactor water level in reactor1 compared to the volume of water to inject. (cf. Injected water to reactor1 is leaking to somewhere

Spent Fuel Pools

The temperature of SFP in reactor6 has been increasing since 12/13/2012

According to the plant parameter, the temperature of SFP in reactor6 has been increasing since 19:00 12/13/2012. In SFP6, there are 876 assemblies of spent fuel and 64 assemblies of