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[Column] Even if the entire world was contaminated

Some of the readers say Fukushima DIary reports too much bad news, should feature more good news to take balance. I think that’s true in a sense. However, nobody dies


Radioactive plume reached far south island Okinawa from 3/25 to 4/25/2011

According to Instrumental research center of Ryukyu university, radioactive plume from Fukushima reached Okinawa from 3/25 to 4/25/2011. The measurement point was the 3rd floor of Ryukyu university building. They


45 % of Fukushima decontaminators violated labor standards act, no radiation check of the area in advance in 34 cases

According to Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, 108 of 242 decontaminating companies violated labor standards act and Industrial Safety and Health Law by the end of December 2012. In


MOE’s decontamination redressing program full of blotting out

On 1/4/2013, shady decontamination was reported by mass media. (cf, [Column] 2 reasons why Fukushima Diary doesn’t cover the “shady” decontamination news [Link]) From 1/6/2013, Ministry of the environment has