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[Column] Anti-nuke blogs’ need of becoming too big to fail before the censorship over the sharp ridge of trade-off

What if there was North Korea Diary, what if there was Tokyo Diary during WW2, what if there was a Rwandan Diary.. it might have changed their destiny. Unfortunately, I


Decontamination tape sold in Fukushima, “can be thrown away as household garbage”

  In Iwaki city Fukushima, decontamination tape is manufactured. It’s sold mainly in Fukushima, but can be purchased all around in Japan. It was developed in the laboratory in Iwaki

Core removing struggle

The flow rate of nitrogen gas injection to reactor3 RPV has been increasing since this August

According to Tepco’s plant parameter, the flow rate of nitrogen gas injection to RPV in reactor3 has been increasing since this August. They keep injecting nitrogen gas into the reactors

Core removing struggle Plant hazard

Having ignored the increasing heat indicated, Tepco cancelled measuring radiation level of reactor2

Having 2 thermometers indicate rapidly increasing temperature, Tepco labelled them as “broken” for unidentified reason. [Link] However, on 1/8/2013, Tepco cancelled the measurement of radiation level in reactor2 according to


Tepco released the overview of Fukushima headquarters

On 1/7/2013, Tepco released the overview of the Fukushima Revitalization Headquarters. Source   Iori Mochizuki _____ Français : Tepco publie l’organigramme du siège de Fukushima Le 7 janvier 2013, Tepco

Spent Fuel Pools

2 columns were installed to the steel framing for fuel removal of reactor4

Steel framing construction for fuel removal at reactor 4 has been started today (January 8, 2013). Two columns (out of six) of the first layer have been installed. Related article..Tepco


Professor “cardiac insufficiency significantly increased after 311, it wasn’t seen after other great earthquakes”

Prof. Shimokawa from Department of Cardiovascular Medicine Tohoku University graduate school of Medicine commented significant increase of cardiac insufficiency was reported in Miyagi, Iwate and Fukushima after 311 and the


Fallout spiked in Fukushima, highest reading in last 7 months

Fallout level marked the highest reading since 5/13/2012 in Fukushima city. Source Related article..[Graph] Radiation level has been increasing since 180 days ago in Fukushima city [Link]   Iori Mochizuki