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[Column] The media still have a chance for the atonement

I think it’s to know the potential Fukushima effect on their own lives why people come to read Fukushima Diary mostly. This is why I focus on facts and data


125,000 Bq/Kg of cesium from the soil of water reservoir for agriculture and industry in Minamisoma city

According to the Ministry of the Environment, significantly high level of cesium is measured from the ground soil of dams and reservoir in Fukushima prefecture. They are for agricultural and


208 Bq/Kg from rice produced even in Miyagi

According to Miyagi prefectural government, 208 Bq/Kg and 186 Bq/Kg of cesium (Safety limit = 100 Bq/Kg) were measured from rice produced in Miyagi. These were measured on 12/5/2012 and


12 people got over 15mSv by 7/11/2011 out of radiological technologists, one of them is a teenager

According to Fukushima prefecture, 177 of 361,906 people had over 15mSv from 3/11 to 7/11/2011, and 12 of them were not involved in radiological technologists. They were all in So-so area


Radiation level monitored in Nasu town hall in Tochigi goes down every 8AM (Not Sunday)

According to MEXT, the radiation level monitored in Nasu town hall in Tochigi prefecture goes down every morning around 8AM. It didn’t decrease on 1/6/2013, when is Sunday. Related article..Japanese


[Deformation] Egg in an egg

今日のゆで卵。卵の中に卵…奇形。やっぱり不安だ。… — ちびタマ子さん (@LincaMw) 1月 9, 2013 <Translate> Today’s boiled egg has another egg in it. Egg in egg.. Deformation.. feeling concerned. (The label of origin only says it’s


[Express] “A German travel agent stopped offering the package tour for Japan in case of potential lawsuit”

Introducing important tweets as  [Express] for simultaneous updates.   ドイツの大手旅行会社に勤める友人の話。日本へのパック旅行販売からは完全撤退。需要がないからではなく、将来、訴訟などのトラブルを懸念してのこと。だとか。 — 毛ば部 とる子 さん (@kaori_sakai) 1月 9, 2013 <Translate> A friend of mine is working for a major German travel agent.