Fukushima governor, Sato hospitalized for bleeing from diverticulosis of colon

On 1/14/2013, Fukushima prefectural government announced the governor, Sato has been hospitalized since 1/13.

He had bleeding from diverticulosis of colon. He will be hospitalized for 7 ~ 10 days.





Français :

Le gouverneur de Fukushima, M. Sato, hospitalisé pour saignements du diverticule du colon

Le 14 janvier 2013, la préfecture de Fukushima annonce que le gouverneur, M. Sato, a été hospitalisé le 13 janvier.

Il saigne du diverticule du colon. Il va rester hospitalisé 7 à 10 jours.


  1. But its ‘wisdom’ doesn’t stop at the radiation disaster , it carries to other critical issues proving that the problem is Chronic .

    Here , instead of offering to SHARE the islands and sorounding gas/oil Japan governmnet is acting to ‘protect’ the islands .

    How can one protect from Chinese nuclear bombs remains debatable specially since China doesn’t need to fight , all they need to do is … surender by the hundreds of millions and occupy your country :

    Japan Planning to Boost Military Deployment on Disputed Islands

    “… The vessels will be stationed at the regional coast guard headquarters which covers the Senkaku islands in the East China Sea, known as the Diaoyus in China, Japanese public broadcaster NHK said, AFP reported.

    The 335-ton “Kurose” and the 3,100-ton “Chikuzen”, equipped with a helicopter, will be deployed in August and October respectively.

    On Sunday, Japan’s Ground Self-Defense Force carried out the nation’s first military exercise designed to recapture a remote island, officials said.

    Some 300 troops took part in the 40-minute drill with 20 warplanes and more than 30 military vehicles at the Narashino Garrison in Chiba, Southeast of Tokyo.

    “We will strengthen the deployment of the Self-Defense Force in response to the tougher security environment surrounding our country,” Defense Minister Itsunori Onodera told the military… MORE :


    So Iori pay attention , a military draft/ conscription looks more and more possible .

    Counting on foreigners ( USA ) to protect your country from a 2 Billion+ people nuclear armed nation next door to you is , well , hemoraging intelectually …

    P.S. : France has no ( permanent/un-captured ) stray dogs … try Romania 😉

    1. Possibly this is not the way it first appears – the Chinese focus can’t be on these islands primarily they have too much business to do with the rest of the world at the moment. I see a stab at disaster capitalism here in what you’ve found, on the part of the Japanese government, otherwise it’s just a big coincidence and I’m speaking out of school but look at it this way; economically speaking, wars are very good for economies that are struggling if they mount the offensive because through warfare technologies, troop logistics etc, they can artificially accelerate the economy…
      The possibility that the radiation will damage trade, tourism, and place an overwhelming burden on healthcare systems not to mention other effects I’m just too slow to think of here is going to be forefront in the minds of the Japanese government, so mounting an offensive over these islands may be one way to balance the effects of the radiation on the economy, and distract the people of Japan and the rest of the world from the state Tepco is in trying to combat the country’s real biggest enemy.
      And at the end of the day this is all a capitalist government really cares about.
      Also I don’t understand about the canine situation of Romania? This statement seems completely unrelated to the rest of the post!!!

    2. Talking about a collision course and an iminent Japanese conscription :

      ” … China is set to carry out a detailed survey of the disputed isles claimed by both Tokyo and Beijing in a bid “to safeguard its maritime rights and interests.”

      According to a statement issued by China’s National Administration of Surveying, Mapping and Geoinformation on Tuesday, the geographical survey is part of a comprehensive program to map the country’s “territorial islands and reefs.”

      No other details are given regarding the program.

      The announcement comes a day after Japanese media said Tokyo would deploy two more patrol ships near the disputed islands in the East China Sea for defensive purposes … ” … more :


  2. I had never heard of anyone bleeding from their colon since after the Fukushima plume contaminated people, land and water.
    There are so many people bleeding from their colon now that this is an obvious sign that one has been contaminated more than the average person.
    It seems that does with such symptom might later develop an acute leukemia. There is a risk that their imune system is shutting down.

    1. The Japanese people bleed from their asses.

      The Prime Minister shits uncontrollably.

      It’s a sad clown show

  3. Might not be diverticulitis. Often misdiagnosed as this when it’s colon cancer. Had a friend misdiagnosed like this. Unfortunately, he died a year later. Could have been saved if they had diagnosed it properly. (My friend’s death was well before Fukushima, so it’s unrelated).

  4. Re-post .

    To divert to the latest news , here is the first layer of steel beams near reactor 4 . Did you get startled by the size of those beams ? It looks like they bet on a 50/50 chance of a another major explosion …

    But if they worry about another explosion and since there is no longer an enclosure for material/hydrogen to built up , where could such an explosion come from ?
    Is there something else , still contained , under the Fukushima reactor # 4 ?
    Could be that the reported ‘ground’ water washing by accident through the basement of # 4 be actually water Pumped in , that’s why they have a shortage …


  5. It’s time to start calling Fukushima what it really is, an E.L.E.

    There is nothing we can do, our fate has been sealed by greed and incompatence.

    It’s going to take a couple decades but the radio-nuclides are going to continue accumulating around us and in the food chain. Expect ever shorter life expectancy, and growing number of birth defects.

    Governments and corporations will never admit it but they will absolutely capitalize on it right to the end.

  6. Maybe Sato might become an X-man since he has been talking like an X-man and perhaps save Fukushima and Japan?

  7. ya think??… And if I eat enough Arsenic, I may perish. ya think??….

    It’s scary how knee-jerk and locked-in these Japanese can be….

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