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[Column] You’ll never have a moment twice in your life

At 13:00 of 3/18/2011 , I was in the car with all the windows and doors closed, air conditioner turned off. That was 2 days after the biggest plume hit


French NHK announcer fired after evacuation following French governmental instruction

On 1/15/2013, Emmanuelle Bodin, Former NHK Announcer had a press conference at FCCJ. “Emmanuelle Bodin, a longstanding resident of Japan, she decided to follow the instructions of the French Government


Tepco released the latest survey map of Fukushima plant, 200μSv/h from the west of reactor4

On 1/16/2013, Tepco released the survey map of entire Fukushima plant. They surveyed the area from 1/7 ~ 1/8/2013. The map shows the ambient dose is relatively high in the


2.27 μSv/h from dog paws in Tokyo

On 1/14/2013, radiation level was measured on the paw of the dog in Tokyo. The dog is just back from taking a walk in snow. They measured 2.27 μSv/h.