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[Column] Fukushima Diary is not a public bin of frustration

Now everything is in the mess. Nobody knows what to do. No one knows where to go. So I took the most indubitable choice -evacuation. I have loads to say

Support by eating

[Analysis] Where Japan goes in 2013 -Part1 “Similarity of Japan after 311 and the Soviet Union before Dissolution”

The highest priority of JP Gov is to remain as a “country” What I remember after 311 is that not few people, I was one of them, expected Edano, former


88 Bq/Kg of cesium measured from well water

  According to Minamisoma city, cesium was measured from 9 samples of well water among 405 samples in Odaka ward. The measurement was conduced from 6/15/2012 to 7/31/2012. (The lowest


Spreading contamination in west coast- radioactive food is distributing, contaminated sludge is recycled to be cement

Niigata prefecture is one of the largest rice producing districts located in the west coast of Japan, but they are aggressively taking radioactive material for some reason. Fukushima Diary has


[Express] Police “can’t stop diarrhea after standing on the border of 20km for a few days.”

Introducing important tweets as [Express] for simultaneous update.   福島にいた時に仕事で繋がった警察官と久しぶりに電話で話した。前の電話では20キロ圏内にも行くと言っていたから「体調は大丈夫ですか?」って聞いたら「20キロギリギリの所で中に人が入らないように数日間立ってたんだけど下痢が止まらなくなってさ、被曝だよね(笑)」って笑ってた。酷いよ… — 麻意さん (@maibaba311) 1月 9, 2013 <Translate> Talked on the phone with the police officer. When I was in Fukushima,

Core removing struggle Plant hazard

Tepco, “The reason why a lot of thermometers are broken in reactor2 is its individuality”

2 thermometers were indicating the rapid increase of the temperature in reactor2, but Tepco labelled them as “broken”. (cf, Having ignored the increasing heat indicated, Tepco cancelled measuring radiation level

Core removing struggle

Tepco announced to inject N2 into S/C of reactor1 but the flow rate of N2 didn’t change and only hydrogen gas increased

According to Tepco, they restarted the injection of nitrogen gas into suppression chamber of reactor1 at 10:37 of 1/8/2013. The purpose was to investigate the process of hydrogen produced by