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[Column] What is Sv, Bq, Cesium, how and why it matters

I’m often asked what is Bq/Kg and what is Sv/h etc.. I’d like to explain it in the most casual way in the world. For example, if I shout from

Column Confirmed effects

[Express] “Fukushima junior high school girls talk about thyroid test in the daily life”

Introducing important tweets as [Express] for simultaneous updates. 今日の女子中学生の会話…甲状腺のエコー検査の結果どうだった?A-1だったよ!いいなあ~私はA-2…私もそうだったよ!A-2って癌になるんでしょ私たち!A-3よりはいいよね…どうしようもないってお母さん言ってたし…こんな会話をさせて私ごめんなさい謝ることしかできませんでした — yoshinemo 13さん (@yoshienemo13) 1月 21, 2013 <Translate> (kohriyama city Fukushima) I heard this conversation of junior high school girls today..

Food contamination

[Suspicious radiation test] Beef radiation test in Tokyo is more lax than Fukushima

MHLW releases the radiation monitoring data about food on the daily basis. They also check beef in Tokyo, Kyoto, and other places but the result is always “Lower than 25


[Express] “The radar of meteorological agency caught circle shaped cloud”

Introducing important tweets as [Express] for simultaneous updates. 気象庁レーダーにヘンな輪っかが出てる。… — 萩原 出羽守 佐知子 さん (@hugujo) 1月 21, 2013 <Translate> Unidentified circle is caught by the radar of Japan Meteorological


Cesium-134/137 and iodine-131 were measured fron snow in the winter of 2012

Radioactive material was measured from snow in Hachioji city Tokyo.   Sample : Snow (Taken from the roof of a car) Sampling date : January 2012 Cs-134 : 14.9 Bq/Kg


2.08 μSv/h in front of Kashiwa high school in Chiba

Radiation was measured in front of Chiba prefectural Kashiwa high school on 1/20/2013, where is 200km from Fukushima plant, 35km to the center of Tokyo. Atmospheric dose was 0.18 μSv/h,


Japanese Idol, Ms. Nakagawa Shoko “Tooth got chipped”

A Japanese idol, Ms. Nakagawa Shoko was reported to have bruise on her thighs and fingers in the winter of 2011. (cf, More bruise on eastern Japanese [Link]) On 1/21/2013,

Domestic and global Environment

Japanese pond smelt gone nearly extinct in Haruna lake Gunma, can’t even find a sample for radiation test

In order to check the radiation level, fishery cooperative tried to fish Japanese pond smelt in Haruna lake Gunma on 1/21/2013, but they managed to obtain only one sample with