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[Column] If I could publish eBook and start article sale

I have a lot tell. Since I stayed in Europe last year, and went to North America, I have been having a lot of interviews. Sometimes it was a citizen’s


[The cost of concealment] Tepco spent $400,000 on disclosing their video record of accident management meetings

Since last August, Tepco has disclosed the video record twice. These are the record of their meeting at headquarters, offsite center, Fukushima plant held from 3/11 to 4/11/2011. (cf, 3/13/2011,

Core removing struggle Plant hazard

Tepco can’t disclose the circuit diagram of the thermometer in reactor2 for saving “intellectual property of Toshiba”

In reactor2, two thermometers have been showing the significant increase of temperature. Tepco defined they were “broken”, but the indicated temperatures are showing the relationship with the volume of coolant

Contaminated water crisis Spent Fuel Pools

Coolant water leaked 3 times only within 1 week due to the bad installation and freezing “Same as last year”

On 1/19/2013, Tepco employee found a water leakage at the water treatment building. Due to this accident, they got to have to feed water to skimmer surge tank of reactor1


[Possible nuclear explosion ?] Reactor1 had possible shock wave and black smoke like reactor3 on 3/12/2011

Reactor1 had a hydrogen explosion supposedly, but the slow motion of the explosion video shows a partial shock wave and black smoke to imply the possibility of nuclear explosion. It

Core removing struggle Plant hazard

Reactor2 temperature decreasing since the volume of injection water was increased

Two of the thermometers of reactor2 have been showing the increase of temperature since last December. On 1/7/2013, Tepco labelled the 2 thermometers as “broken”. However, they kept on indicating

Natural disasters

[Analysis] What’s happening to the ecology of Japanese lakes ?

Since one week ago, over 10,000 crucian carps have been forming a group near the surface of an agricultural reservoir in Bizen city Okayama. The resident living near the pond


[Ghost of Chernobyl ?] 1.5 Bq/Kg of Cs-137 from maple syrup in Canada

According to an online food shop Alter, 1.5 Bq/Kg of Cs-137 was measured from two samples of maple syrup in Canada. 1. Cs-137 : 1.5 Bq/Kg Production : 2011 2.


[Express] 0.07 ~ 0.10μSv/h on the second floor of Universal City station in Osaka,”As double as before 311″

Introducing important tweets as [Express] for simultaneous updates.   @hanayuu 大阪のユニバーサルシティ駅に着きました。こちらの空間線量率は0.07〜0.10μSv/hです。地上二階ほどの高さなので何の影響かはまだ分かりません。 — N崎さん (@Nzaki0716_sub) 2013年1月26日 <Translate> Arrived at Universal city station in Osaka. The atmospheric dose is 0.07 ~