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Core removing struggle

Reactor5 gets heated as water injection stops

According to Tepco’s plant parameter, water temperature of reactor5 goes up when the reactor water level decreases. Tepco has been having problems with the water injection pumps, which pieces of

Core removing struggle

Unidentified synchronicity between reactor water level and pressure in PCV of crippled reactor3

According to Tepco’s plant parameter, the pressure in PCV has been increasing in reactor3 since September. 2012. However, the reactor water level (fuel range A) has been decreasing since September.

Core removing struggle Plant hazard

Another thermometer on he top part of RPV is indicating the increasing temperature in reactor2

Fukushima Diary reported the unidentified increase of temperature in Reactor2 on 12/30/2012. (cf, [Disorder ?] A thermometer of reactor2 RPV indicating the rapid increase of heat, it reached 152.1℃ on