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Plutonium-239/240 measured from offshore Fukushima, Tepco “It’s within historical range, not from Fukushima”

According to the radioactive material in seawater analysis report published by Tepco on 1/18/2013, plutonium-239/240 were measured from seawater samples offshore Fukushima. 3km offshore from Ukedogawa : (5.8+-1.8) ×10^-6 Bq/L


This is the dust sampling equipment of Fukushima nuclear plant

Tepco added the minor change to the dust sampling equipment for closing the blowout panel of reactor2. The material shows the cutting edge technology of radiation monitoring system.  

Sea contamination

Greenpeace “Cesium from fish sold at supermarkets”

According to Greenpeace, cesium is measured from fish sold at supermarkets. From 10/24/2012 to 11/13/2012, Greenpeace purchased 25 samples at major supermarket chains and cesium was measured from 3 of

Sea contamination

254,000 Bq/Kg from rockfish in Fukushima plant port

According to the radioactive material analysis report about fishery products published by Tepco on 1/18/2013, extremely high level of radioactive cesium was measured from marine products caught in Fukushima plant