When to come to Japan


I left Paris and now I’m in Tunisia to try to open a press conference and something.
I think the next 311 will be a turning point. People may start forgetting, or people may become more concerned about Fukushima.
I don’t know which way they take.
I was given a chance to talk to about 30 people in Paris. I explained why you shouldn’t go to Japan.
Thankfully, they understood me and I was very happy about that.
Whenever you go, that would be dangerous, but if you really have to go, I think late April would be the least dangerous.
Because now the cesium pollen is flying around. It will stop about mid April.
and after the second week of May, rain season starts. Late April is the only chance to go.
After the rainy season, the seasonal wind will change the direction.
In winter, it blows from the west to the east. so now the plume from Fukushima is stocked above Pacific ocean.
and in Summer it starts blowing from the east to the west. so all the plume comes back and fall with rain.
This is my hypothesis.
but you must be careful about tap water. As I said before, probably snow contains radionuclide and will melt to the river.
It contaminates the river head area and will come to your tapwater. Basically, you can’t do anything for it.
I’m feeling so painful for my pets because they are turtles. They need the water changed everyday and we have been together for 20 years.
I really want to go back and pick them up.

In my last video, I said there’s nothing we can do for Fukushima. Some people criticized because it sounded like
the famous Japanese philosophy, Shoganai.
but it’s not. I’m telling you to evacuate. and technically speaking, there is no technology to pick up the melted fuel from deep underground.
It’s not shoganai. It’s not the issue of mind or muscle or love or miracle.
I’d be glad if you take me right.



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