Tepco is going to move the live camera

The live camera is going to be moved to beside reactor4. The angle will be from South to North.

In the new angle, it’s difficult to see reactor1.

Tepco is going to move the live camera


Tepco is going to move the live camera 2





  1. Nearly $13 billion in bailout and they can’t spring for another camera? There should be cameras transmitting from every angle.

  2. FUKUSHIMA DIARY FR – Tepco va déplacer sa caméra de direct.
    Par Mochizuki, le 31 juillet 2012 · 1 Commentaire.

    La caméra de direct va être déplacée à côté du réacteur 4, le nouvel angle de vue sera du Sud vers le Nord.

    Avec ce nouvel angle il est difficile de voir le réacteur 1.

    (scan de la page Tepco du nouveau plan de situation)
    (photo du nouvel angle de vue)

    Source : http://photo.tepco.co.jp/en/date/2012/201207-e/120731-01e.html

  3. I think its a safe bet they have at least 1 camera on every reactor.

    As a part of tepco’s public relations with the intrest focused on #4
    they want you to think just becaused you asked they will show you #4.

    But it would be foolish to think tepco cares about your concerns, they have pretty much lied about everything.

    The ONE camera they do provide at more then likely public expense appears at times to be running in a loop.

    The weather change between the jnn cam, showing high winds and rain
    and at the same time
    tepco’s just shows another beautiful day of sunshine
    Must be getting a little obvioues, so I guess that could be a reason for the move.

    I mean it seems tepco wants you to see nothing, so they will show the same that jnn cam shows, nothing more.

    The lack of coverage for this ON GOING event is not an oversight.

    What is about to happen at #1, #2, #3, #4, #5, or even #6.
    None of your concern,
    just trust them, lol

  4. Perfectly clear day at Fuku1. Sky is beautiful blue, so all the STEAM pouring up into the picture from R3 or R4 cannot be “sea fog” at 11AM. What a horrible day to switch the camera to show how bad the radioactive steam cloud pouring out of the ground and wrecked reactors really is.

    Watch Fuku1long coverage for the best feel.

    Also, this camera mount is very flimsy, so it gives us a great feel for any ground shaking or movement so close to R4’s SFP. Watching this first recorded hour on fuku1live reveals several small seismic events that cause the picture to shake on a nice, clear, day with little wind that would blow away all this nuclear fog.

    …..and NO WEEDS or central horizontal stripe obscuring R3/4 like the old cam. We’ll see how bad they point the arc lamps into it to blind it at night…..

  5. Thanks for this information. My internet was out all week and I was suprised to see the camera change.

    At the end of July I had put up several screenshots on my blog of very strange lights and mysterious black ‘ash’ flying in the air near unit 1. Also at night a troubbing bonfire-like light or flame. It was the usual bright light seen at night – but it was acting strangly. It was flaring up and dying down in a rythmic fashion.

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