Tokyo station is contaminated as mandatory evacuating zone in Fukushima

Following up this article ..Tokyo is contaminated as the worst place in Chernobyl

On 2/21~23/2012, a Twitter user measured radiation level at Tokyo station and it turned out to be 2.94~6.5 microSv/h.(Only gamma ray)

↓ Aisle from Yaesuguchi underground parking lot to underground mall of Tokyo Station

Tokyo Station is more contaminated than mandatory evacuating zone in Fukushima


↓On the platform of Tokaido Shinkansen

Tokyo station is contaminated as mandatory evacuating zone in Fukushima2



The picture above is one of the 6 measurements.

The results are like this below

1m height from the ground : 6.5~4.8 microSv/h

1.8m height from the ground : 3.0~4.2 microSv/h


6.5 microSv/h is converted to 57 mSv/y.

It’s higher than 50 mSv/y in mandatory evacuating zone in Fukushima.

The reason of this high level of contamination is assumed to be because hot particles are brought from Fukushima or North Japan by the shoes of passengers.



    1. High background radiation levels in these locations is not unexpected and was likely the same before the accident. Natural radon in high concentrations does form and accumulate underground. It is constantly being emitted from concrete and more so from granite. Before jumping to a conclusion look at facts. The proper way to determine surface contamination as suggested by this article would be to do a “smear” of the floor surfaces with a clean cloth and measure the cloth surface directly and note the difference against the background radiation. This would validate or invalidate the assertion that lose contamination is being tracked into the subway. Radon would not show up on cloth smear but surface contamination would.

  1. The Geiger counter in the photo looks like the ¥7800 one from the home centre. Can it be trusted as accurate? Proper test should be done and passengers must wear plastic bags over their shoes at the platform and on the train.

    1. O.K you can wear plastic bags over your shoes but what about brief cases,baggage,laptop cases,shopping bags etc that are placed on the ground by passengers? They are carried into homes,officers and schools with the “hot particles” clinging to them. The particles are spread further with human movement.
      Japan hasn’t been honest about the amount of radiation that has been released a lot of this is a “cultural” problem because Japanese are more concerned with “saving face” then telling the truth.

    2. I was in Tokyo last weekend (bussing from and back to the Gifu prefecture, central Japan) and I was not required to wear plastic bags or any other kind of gear over my shoes or clothes. This includes major subway stations. I didn’t see anyone at any point doing this either, though I doubt a plastic bag is much of a match for radiation.

  2. These hot particles while they are safe on the ground – radiation flux is low unless you are very close – they are a serious cancer risk if ingested.

  3. Might be caused by the electro magnetic field from the trains or control systems at the station. Geiger counters always show “electro magnetic field might cause false readings”. There is a vid on YT where the counter shows ten microsievert and varies when the train accelerates and brakes.[/]watch?v=X4QXYyqdP2o

  4. These people are killing everyone.
    They are bringing radioactive material from Fukushima to Tokyo and burning it.
    Then putting the ashes in the harbor.
    Why in the world are they doing that?
    Why are they not just burying it?
    They are sending more of their radiation over the U.S.
    Why haven’t they buried those reactors?
    Japan is gone, they will never be able to make it a place to safely live again.
    Population reduction!!

    1. You may be right James, Japan hasn’t played the “game” for the New World Order masters, she has refused to become a multi-cultural mess like the rest of the Western Powers so the population with be reduced to weaken the economy. That way they will be forced to bring in Third Worlder’s as workers.

      1. Hi Bob,

        My wife (from Japan) points out that atmospheric radiation will not penetrate the southern hemisphere for a very long time due to the climatic physics.

        So Australia would seem a good option; I guess that could bring you the added bonus of reducing the “multi-cultural”-ness of Japan by one unit…


    2. NWO is well in its place more so in Australia than in Japan, yet Japan has been exploited by the U$A(NOT USA)/NWO all right.

      It was CIA who managed to build 55 reactors on that shaky ground. It’s public that Matsutaro Shoriki, the top of Yomiuri/Nihon TV who sold nuke as a ‘peaceful solution’ to the population after Hiroshima, Nagasaki and Bikini etc was a CIA’s agent with the code name “podam.” NHK’s documentary showed Shoriki’s right hand man worked with a guy from the US to promote nuke decades ago.

      Also, I’m sure that you heard Jim Stone’s theory on Fukushima. I don’t buy all of what he wrote, but I reckon “M9′ was clearly a LIE.

      I’m sure they used Stuxnet worm, and possiblly HAARP or HAARP like facility such as the US Communication Base Harold Holt in Western Australia to cause that tsunami. Did you know, HAARP was mentioned in EU Parliament’s motion as ‘so-called non-lethal weapon”?

      And I’ve noticed that Japan has been manipulated by some evil Koreans incl Unification Church and Soka Gakkai. Don’t get me wrong. I don’t accuse Koreans in general. Similar situation with Zionists destroying the world, often get misquoted as “Jewish” is what I see here. Look at photos of recent and current Prime Ministers drinking water in “Korean way”.

      Something very weird has been going on in Japan…

  5. Its cheaper for the government to ignore it let everyone die.So thats what will happen.They will blame the death rate on something else and after a 20 year study they will determine that maybe it was the radiation that gave people caner.

  6. Apparently, the reading was very high and gave a reading of the air, and not of the ground or any other items. Thus, the air was filled with “hot” particles, and this means that the radiation is traveling in the air.

    It would be good to see a comparison of a “normal” reading vs the one at the train station. Also, it would be good to have a detector that also reads alpha and beta as well because that radiation is dangerous also. Masks would do no good against gamma radiation. It would go right through them.


  8. What 3-6 micro sieverts/hr means is 30-60 times background. This is not going to be very good for the Japanese. Sounds like wrong response to believe things will be OK with special precaustions about carrying contaminants on clothing. Even if Japanese do not bring more with them, the winds will do it whenever the wind direction changes from prevailing to northeast. Tokyo sounds like it has been toasted by TEPCO’s insane insistance on keeping the site wide open. TEPCO must vanish from the decisions being made and the people of Japan must insist on entombment of Fukushima Daiichi, as well as cold shutdown and burial of the entire nuke industry poised to repeat the same disaster many times over.

    Sorry to the Japanese if we foreigners complain so much about the situation. We are only piping up to alert yall to some major lasting tragedy if this situation is not fixed, if nothing can be learned from this meltdown about procedures to take to stop the point source releases. If all Japan has learned is to wear plastic booties while allowing the meltdowns to spew unimpeded, it’s hopeless.

  9. It’s a good thing that people don’t really matter for the planet to survive otherwise, the Earth would have been destroyed long ago! People are only killing themselves by their own stupidity!

    And to think, this radiation will be still here and as strong as it is, 40 years from now! Actually, 4 Billion years from now!

    Yeah right, man is a superior being! Compared to what? Nothing alive on Earth would have created this mess….just man, superior idiot being would!

  10. I remember that station, the Imperial palace, the Bridgestone museum nearby. It is now more clear than ever that I will never go back there.
    And to think that Japanese people go through that station everyday…
    Do you know how Tokyoites reacted to this blog post ?

  11. Wait a moment !
    trains coming from Fukushima or North of Japan never arrive at Tokyo station…but at Ueno station !! it’s not exactly the same…please verify your source !! so why is Tokyo station contaminated ??

    1. I remember that Iori reported months ago that the Imperial garden was highly contaminated. It is near Tokyo station, if my memories of my travel to Tokyo are correct. So maybe the contamination of Tokyo station is caused by the tourists’ shoes when they come back from the Imperial garden.

    2. No actually the new Hayabusa shinkansen connects Shin-Aomori Station to Tokyo Station.

  12. my heart goes out to the Japanese….something should be done quickly and effectively !!!!! in the meantime the Japanese are most welcome to live in Hindustan , ( the tibetans have found this to be a good place to live )…….

  13. President Obama will have to be dragged kicking and screaming into an acceptance of the reality of the nuclear nightmare we are now inhabiting! Our Rogue President is in the pay of the Promoters of Nuclear Power and is showering them with the funding only he can provide. The American taxpayer pays for building the Dangerously Underdesigned Nuclear Facilities, then pays for the mining, processing and manufacturing of Uranium Fuel Rods, as well as the special security demands of the entire fuel cycle.
    Much of the preliminary funding is now being used to place foundations on sites for Power Plants that have not yet been designed! Read the book: “We Almost Lost Detroit” for the truths about design flaws that have never been addressed… In ANY PLANT IN THE WORLD! Beyond the this book of Brookings Institution revelations of the professional carelessness at all levels of Nuclear Plant development, no consideration is given to the fact that Radioactivity accelerates the aging of all plant equipment!
    Corrosion happens sooner than it normally would when such radiation is not present. So valves and pipe systems malfunction years before they “should”, and accidents are guaranteed to happen because of this unconscionable ignorance. Initially, the excuse has been that the designers were allowed to take such risks because our nation was fighting a Cold War, and nuclear matters were part of that war effort. The plants were producing materials for nuclear weapons, the rationale went.
    Besides needing plant wastes for warhead production by our Department of Energy, no less. Many other lies were trotted out to keep Americans molified while high-cost, dangerous technologies were being funded by taxpayers. Electricity would become “Too cheap to meter!”. The dangerous waste from nuke plants, known to be extremely toxic to all forms of life for thousands of years, could be stored in an unknown place and manner. Nuclear Power plants would run cheaply for decades and be decomissioned easily after a trouble-free design life. Such plants, each containing the radioactivity equivalent of thousands of atomic bombs, would always be protected from terrorist attacks causing a “China Syndrome” disaster.
    All the above lies have been exposed, in turn, and in various media, but never acted upon. The dangers are, however, well appreciated by the Liability Insurance Industry which has refused to insure Nuclear Plants.
    The Chicken Hawk Congress made sure that U.S. Taxpayers will insure Nuclear Power Plants under the Price-Anderson Act, so we are on the hook for both experiencing deadly dammages AND paying for liability costs. When Three Mile Island melted down, and cancer illness and death “spiked”, and the initially non-responsive judges in the Court System finally accepted plaintiff suits twenty years later, our taxes supported both sides of the legal representation, reaching into the same deep government pockets to fund all court costs on both sides of horrific human tragedies.
    The final phase of nuclear power is now in progress. Ongoing and uncontrollable disaster in Japan is putting enough plutonium into Earth’s delicate ecosphere, especially the atmosphere, that it is already the equivalent of the explosions of thousands of atomic ICBMs. We have exceded the volumes of deadly fallout that our war-planners thought sufficient to bring on the dreaded “Mutually Assured Destruction” that supposedly kept the U.S. and the U.S.S.R. from obliterating each other along with “All life in the North Temperate Zone of Earth”. That phrase was part of the USAF Orientation Documents that described our mission at Vandenberg AFB when I helped build the SLTF in the 1960’s. [Silo Lauch Test Facility]
    Until out USAF changes its mind about its dire assessment, I must believe human extinction is now a dead certainty.
    Tony Kuspa

    1. Following your advice to read “We Almost Lost Detroit” by John G. Fuller, I downloaded detroit.pdf
      I will read it.

    2. Tony,
      While I respect your concerns, much of what you state is simply not true. I encourage you to do some research on the industry which is not bias or sensationalized to either position. I know it’s hard to find since this is such an emotional issue but please be careful of perpetuating myths and rumors as fact. I began my adult life as an anti-nuclear activist and, without selling my soul as some will surely say, I’m a professional in the nuclear power industry. During this event at Fukushima I was responsible for reactor maintenance of 10 reactors. Myself and the industry remain very concerned of the events and are tireless to learn from it as we do with any event in our industry. Mistakes were made, this is largely a human caused event in spite of the earthquake and tsunamii. The facts will bear this out and we will learn. This is what humans do to survive, we learn and get better. Is nuclear power the answer to our energy needs? That’s complicated because nuclear provides substantial base load power that can not yet be provided by any other means other than burning fossil fuels. Reverting to that would be criminal as we know fossil fuel kills tens of thousands of people a year, that is fact. Nuclear does not kill people, that is a fact. Solar and wind is great but not yet scaleable and is extraordinarily expensive. Nuclear is is not the answer but a step in the direction toward meeting large scale base load demand. Research and development is key, ther are better solutions. Nuclear is needed for now but hopefully not in the future. I think it is safe for me, my family and friends who all live and work near nuclear plants. We are smart people in this industry and put nuclear safety first in everything we do. That is my contribution to the safety of nuclear power.

  14. こんなに危険な値に驚愕しました。他の情報をみると値が違うのですが。

  15. There are number of public radiation posts in Tokyo. Also a lot of individuals have radiation counters and report their figures.

    According to those reports, radiation level in Tokyo range 0.03 – 0.12 micro Sievert per hour, not like those figures shown in this article.

    I do have a GammaScout, a German made radiation counter, and read radiation at places. I constantly found them in the range of 0.05 – 0.12. I am not carrying it around any more, just monitoring the number at my place in Tokyo water front. Its reading ranges 0.08 – 0.11.

    Radiation in Tokyo is, at least for now, at a normal level, and living here is safe.
    It is true that Tokyo may not stay safe if further accident occurs at Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant.
    We also need keep watching the food radiation level carefully.

  16. Hey,

    I have read your articles with much interest. I live in Paris and I have planned to travel to Japan, Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka next week, and stay for about 2 weeks. It looks pretty bad however from what you report here. My trip is solely for pleasure and for visiting friends, having a good time etc. But I am wondering really if it is OK to travel, or am I putting my health under an unnecessary serious risk, when I can obviously avoid it…

    Thanks in advance,

    1. I’m sorry to tell you this, but I think you should reconsider that. I’m Japanese, but I don’t want to go back.
      and some of my friends went to Tokyo last month, regardless of our advice. They had ok time but told us, people in Tokyo changed since they came last year. They are more nervous and hectic.

      1. Im in Tokyo now for a short businesstrip, and I can say for sure that alot of people here have changed. They are more stressed and irritable, no doubt because of the preassure and uncertainty of living in this now dangerous place.
        I feel terribly sad by this shocking and hopeless situation, the ruining of one of the most exiting places on earth.
        I doubt that I will return here, Tokyo will never be the same again.

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