3.1×10E11 Bq/m3 of cesium leaked from the water purifying system



On 2/25/2012 8:30AM, A Tepco employee found high level of contaminated water leaking from water purifying system called Sally.
It’s 3.1×10E11 Bq/m3. Tepco asserts it’s only 10 L to leak, none of it has leaked to the sea for some reason.
The leaking point is the joint part to filter out oil before taking out cesium. The reason is not detected yet.

Also, Tepco found ERSS, which is to calculate the leakage amount of radionuclides from daini reactor4 stopped.
They stopped it at 2PM of 2/14 for a check up. They were supposed to turn it back on at 2:50 PM of 2/24 but they forgot to turn it on.


福島第1原発:高濃度汚染水漏れる 海への漏えいはなし




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