Measurement of radiation may be banned in Japan

Measurement of radiation may be banned in Japan


Measurement of radiation may be banned in Japan2

JP Gov is making legislative bill of Public security law

Japanese government killed Fukushima people and eastern Japanese by concealing SPEEDI for longer than 10 days.
For the next, Japanese government is making legislative bill of Public security law.

With this law,government is authorized to define what is secret.
You must serve a 10-year term in prison if you leak the secret. Government is to suppress the information.

In 1923, the Great Kanto Earthquake struck. Old public security law was legislated the next year, 1924.
Japan started WWW2 13 years later, in 1937.

In this legislative bill, every ministry is allowed to define “secret” by themselves. Behind this movement, there is an intention of police bureaucrat to think it’s easier to control people fed with less information.

Because everything can be concealed in the name of public security, it can be restricted to measure radiation as well.

US has Anti-Espionage Act already. Japan and US made Generel Security of Military Information Agreement in 2007. Prof Tajima from Sophia University points out Japanese government might have been pressured by US government.

Actually, the similar legislative bill was made in 1985, but it didn’t include police information. In this meaning, the modern Public security law covers wider range. Japanese government failed in passing the bill in 1985, but they didn’t give it up.


  1. The problem is keeping the lid on information in citizens hands,not in Japan where the citizenry are alreay dead but in other countries where leaders must maintain their ridiculous aura of omnipotence and omniscience.

    Everyone involved in the proliferation of the nuclear indutry and it’s waste knows the price is the callous disregard of all life on earth and specificaly human life,more specifically human life other than theirs.

    Murdering people so your bank account is full of more money than you can spend,murdering people so a magnet in hard drive works in your own favour.

    If Citizens are aware the Omniscient mot certainly are and the wroned oftenseek bloody revenge aginst evil minorities who murder millions for money,sometimes these money mad are traitors too,acting for defered payment.

  2. This is good to know! They certainly might use it to stop peple from measuring radiation and releasing results. This cannot happen!

  3. Hello from Sheffield UK

    TEPCO & its Japanese Government – i say ‘its’ because Japan Government clearly exists mostly for TEPCO benefit than the Japanese people, it seems that the people exist to serve Government & their bankers-corporations – this is upside down. It is similar situation everywhere, especially here in the UK. The people need to unite and turn life round so we do not live upside down: Governments & business is supposed to SERVE THE PEOPLE.

    I have friends in Japan and have been watching Fukushima since the beginning. We who follow this news carefully knew in late March that the situation was already much worse than Chernobyl. I am astounded actually because i thought the Japan Government was more honourable than ours. I thought the people would be much better protected than Russian people, but in fact they treated abominably. i and my friends are OUTRAGED by the ignorance TEPCO has shown to the people who pay its wages & costs and now, are paying the ultimate price of their own & their children’s health.

    Inside i cry every day at this cruel injustice – it is like kicking a defenceless person & then making it illegal for them to seek help or even to talk to anyone about their injury. i would say what TEPCO & Japan Government have done is an act of war & aggression against Japan people & children. It is a war-crime, because they operate in secret, they give out false information, now they want to punish people for telling the truth – this is the way of an ENEMY in control of a conquered people.

    No one knows what they are doing at Fukushima, this situation has never happened before – there has never been a melth-through and here, there is not just 1 but 3 – Arnie Gundersen from Fairewinds advises if no4 fuel pool collapse – LEAVE TOKYO IMMEDIATELY. it is terrible to imagine a whole nation, even the world is hanging on a thread of a badly leaning unit 4 that has already lost one wall and the fuel pool is not even covered within a reactor – if fuel pool 4 goes the consequences will be dire.

    No matter what TEPCO says, in Chernobyl it took over 150,000 people working day & night to make just ONE melt down safe. At Fukushima it is much worse because the melted fuel has escaped from the containment, but not even 50,000 people working there – it is increasingly clear that no amount of water can contain this fire. At Chernobyl, they had to dig under the plant & remove the fuel pieces. At Fukushima no one yet knows where the fuel IS!

    What can be done? Realistically, evacuate a 500 mile radius.

    Considering the people are already contaminated by air, water, food – who knows how long we have together? Now is time to be with friends & loved ones – to enjoy life while we are healthy, to stand strong & DEMAND an answer because while they are operating secretively, people have no choice but to think the worse. If it is not bad then why threaten people with prison? The fact Japan Government want to implement this law is a red-alert.

    i am disgusted with TEPCO & the World-Governments. If this is what humanity amounts to, i never want to live on this planet again – there is no intelligent life here.

  4. Let me remind you comment from Carlos TheZilla posted on FUKUSHIMA DIARY January 7th, 2012 :

    “The US shut down all their radiation detectors a couple months after the quake so we depend on other resources to gage the radiation we are receiving. …”

    If actually publication of radiation measurements will be prohibited in Japan, then it’s the prove that Governments and Nuclear Industry all go hand in hand !
    It’s just criminal to make it impossible for people to protect whenever necessary. Civil disobedience exists….

    If you want to be warned in time, then just follow the publications on

  5. The secret to undoing this “SECRET”,
    … Is to tell everyone to post what they “did not measure”!

    Instead of saying that you measured XYZ counts per minute,
    Say I never measured XYZ counts per minute because it is against the law,
    … But it sure FEELS LIKE XYZ counts per minute to me…

  6. ok….i didn’t get what the JP gov is trying to do…
    is that serious? why the gov is trying to hide the truth? instead of hiding, they should open what it is happening in that site! with accurate fact there can be exact solution! without it, wrong treatment will be put on the Japanese people and moreover humanbeing!!!

  7. Hoax, fact fabrication, manipulation, covering and lies are
    the weapons of Japanese ruling class.
    Japan’s political Yakuza have constantly lied to their people and treated them like slave.

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