A Japanese child evacuated to Australia, but he was bullied to say, Japan contaminated the whole world.

I heard that from my friend so I don’t know if it’s true or not.

but whether it was true or not, actually some Japanese people are having paranoid. I always tell them, you are too self-conscious. I’m a little worried about the weird nationalism rising in Japan. Now Japanese is so isolated and powerless.

Actually nuclear is not the thing like, Tepco is bad, Japanese government is bad or something.
Japanese government, American government, French, England, they are all tied up under the nuclear industry.
Australia or other countries export natural resources like Uranium, Japan or other countries make nuclear weapon and electricity as by-product. and put it into the bullets and shoot to Iraq or some other countries. Children’s body is the garbage disposal.

Yesterday I was asked on the radio, don’t I think IAEA is too lazy, they don’t accomplish their mission or anything. but I think they are really hard workers.
They are the smooth face sales man of the world nuclear industry. They are like fixer. Erasing all the evidence is their jobs. It’s not only IAEA.

Tepco put boric acid to reactor 2 today. Still the temperature is going up. I personally think the smoke is coming from reactor 4, but anyway, still Japanese people are believing, Japanese government will warn them to evacuate when the time has come.
No way. I’m tired of being deceived. can’t believe still so many, matured, educated people are so naive.
They are supposed to warn local governments when it goes up to 80℃, but if they warn now, they would have warned in March. Get out of your fantasy world.
Japanese government wants us to stay inside of the boarder, pay tax, and die quietly as if nothing happened. None of the other governments like US or England or French government would help us. They would never criticize Japanese government and all the media will try to conceal everything. Because that’s their business. Who damages your own business by themselves ?
so don’t trust anyone. Save yourself.

but the more people try to evacuate, the more difficult it will be to get a visa. I’m struggling too. All the countries will be more exclusive especially for Japanese refugees. Now, none of them are aware of the existence of radiation refugee and have no idea that the RICH Japanese must be exodus. so they don’t help us at all. but either way, if they notice us, they will try to kick us out even harder.
I received a lot of donation since 2 days ago. I thank you so much. but if you try to help us, it will mean you are against your own government.

Even Japanese is split. Energy agency under METI paid for censorship. They outsourced to a company call ADK, which is a group company of Dentsu, the Japanese biggest advertisement company. They are watching us on Twitter, blog, forums, newspaper, magazines, TVs, movies and everything.
From my research, they behave in 2 different ways. One is to crack our account like on Twitter and manipulate. When you follow some alpha source, they remove them from your list no matter how many times you fix it. and they prevent us from retweeting, replying, and sometimes delete the posts. It’s a technical disturbing.
The other way is to hire lots of part time workers for trolling. They are everywhere like worms. I think this is inefficient but some people are actually demotivated and quit collecting information.
Even today, Fukushima Diary was down too and we always have fight to delete the trolls on the chat box of the front page.
They learnt we can communicate on the internet, especially on twitter. If something happens the next, like reactor 2 gets boiled or SFP of reactor 4 falls off, I think they will close the internet within Japan
to avoid panic.

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