Reactor 2 is still heated. Tepco may have increased the water amount by 10 tones

Reactor 2 doesn’t get cool down.

2/6/2012 23:00 69.9℃
2/7/2012 5:00 72.2℃
2/7/2012 10:00 69.0℃

Tepco injected boric acid in the night of 2/6, and increased the water amount by 3m3.
According the NISA’s restriction, Tepco is not supposed to increase the amount of water by more than 1m3 because it increases the contaminated water in water purifying system.
This means Tepco needed to increase water despite of the risk to increase contaminated water.
However, Newspaper’s report contradict each other.
Tokyo newspaper reported Tepco increased the water amount from 3.8 tones to 6.8 tones. On the other hand, Sankei newspaper reported Tepco increased the water amount to 13.5 tones.
Sankei newspaper is known to be more pro-nuke side. If they downplayed the situation, Tepco may have injected more than 13.5 tones of water.
This time, Tepco injected 960Kg of boric acid, which is the biggest amount ever.

On 1/26, Tepco stopped spray type of water cooling for 6 hours. Tepco analyzes melted fuel remained on the board to support nuclear fuel, which is shaped like a netlike appearance, dropped on the bottom of the container vessel and made a mass during the time.


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