Heating gauge was lost

Heating gauge was lost

In the press conference of 2/13 PM, Tepco announced they lost the heating gauge of reactor 2.
Reactor 2 marked 93.7℃ at 2/13/2012 11:00, but it went to 276.4℃ at 17:00.
Tepco is asserting the heating gauge is broken.

The heating gauge is thermocouple, Tepco tried to check resistance but immediately after the test, the heating gauge indicating 276.4℃. The resistance was about 500Ω. Tepco is asserting the wire is nearly broken.

The reason why it was broken is not known. The meter is not indicating error message.
The heating gauge is still showing over 270℃. Other 2 heating gauges are showing about 31℃, but they are not planning to check the resistance of those 2 heating gauges. Tepco has no plan in case other 2 are broken either.

Teoco explains they are not going to put boric acid but will not decrease the water amount.

Additionally, if they misread 276.4 to be in Fahrenheit, it’s 135.8℃.



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