Cloud is erased above reactor 2 on Tepco live camera

On Tepco’s Fukushima live camera, it was observed that the cloud is missed above reactor2.

The phenomena was found in the video recorded on 15:00~16:00 2/12/2012.

Cloud flows from the right, which is the land side, but when it comes above reactor2, it vanishes as if there was a line in the sky.


  1. Here is a chance for TEPCO to confess they are messing up the video with edits. If not..the clouds are disapearing due to some feature in the air over Fukushima I. Vergo (clouds which evaportate) occurs in heated air conditions…or dry air. Which due to the height over Reactors 1 a to 4, means a LOT of heat is being generated. Wonder if TEPCO will suggest they manipulated the video?

  2. You can check this by taking the video and adjusting the color and depth regions issued in Adobe Preimere to see if it has been altered.
    Also…do you need still writers? I am willing to write for you as long as you will use it.

  3. The right is not the seaside but the interior, the coast is to the left, as the first encased reactor from camera viewpoint is #1 (and so on till #4), what is only possible if the camera is located near the main entry road.

    Otherwise I do agree: it is very strange that clouds vanish as they do. Maybe they evaporate because of heat? (clouds are semicondensated water vapor).

  4. Heat rising from #2 may be the reason that the clouds are disappearing but there are many that have experience with Photoshop that can comment on if it looks “shopped” instead of natural!

  5. please have look right here on an event happened one day before:
    that was for me a perfect situation of “uploading” of some radio-nukes into a cloud that should transport them over the sea…
    and one more (special for the blo-owner):
    the findings of high radio dosises in areas that were far away, more then 500 km, will be a signe of useing weather modifications per exelance.
    because the transport speed in higher parts is fast.
    and a little mistake in their planings had let rained it down at bit to close.

    later i will send you more of video reports of sky and cloud phenomens from the fukushima streams.



  6. Optical effect:clouds appear to be above the plant in the 2 dimensions of the screen, whereas they are far behind – and larger – in real 3 dimensions due to projection. How do you think Peter Jackson turn actors into Hobbits?Did he call TEPCO to mutate them – and then back again?
    Nice effect though!It is a dry sunny day in the video. At the end of it, you can see clouds disappear before they reach ″above″ the Bermuda triangle… err plant!

  7. @ xanadu:i cannot follow your example with hobbits, peter jackson, sunny day and your jumping between the dimensions.

    this is not a thing to joke about.

    who say that weather modifications will be not possible in the year 2012 should play his triangle bermuda and not posting wild style nonsens in the web.

  8. Clouds are disappearing because of thermal lifting causing dissipation.

    Simple meteorology.

    What is causing it is another issue. The land will be playing a part, but the 4+ lumps of hot corium must be putting out a few gazillion (no one knows) watts of heat. This is what caused ionised particles to rise up into the upper atmosphere (and assorted hot particles), creating a whole host of new problems.

    It’s like a giant carpark in the sun, on turbo fan all day all night. With radioactive crap coming up from it..

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