White powder flying from Chiba to Okayama

White powder is observed in Japan.

On 1/1/2012, it was observed in Tokyo for the first time. Radiation level didn’t pick up, most of the people thought it was ash from shrines because they have custom to burn paper fortune.

However, On 2/8/2012, when reactor2 was being heated, white powder appeared again in Tokyo, Chiba, Shikoku and Okayama in western Japan.





In Ichigaya Tokyo, white powder is falling ! It’s not snow.. what ?! There are a lot of people tweeting about this white powder. Feeling something bad..






Eh ? Wasn’t it snow ? I got it for about 2 minutes… have to shower..



N崎 @Nzaki0716_sub Close


It fell here in Shinagawa too. What was it..?




やまめ (脱・原発1票+2) @Uuuyumi Close


Today white powder is observed in many places. I told you, it falls. It falls very often on a cloudy day.



桑束 足湯 @eye_s_only Close
【白い粉降下】 「東京都各所」「埼玉県南部」「千葉県北西部」の「広域」で 「2012/2/8」 「8:30AM~10:30AM」頃に 「5分間~30分間」程度 「軽い」「溶けない」「小さい」 「衣類に付いても祓うと落ちる」 「白い」「粉」が降下していた模様。 成分は不明。


White powder is observed in many locations, such as everywhere in Tokyo, South Saitama, North west Chiba, date is 8:30AM~10:30AM of 2/8/2012. It fell for 20~30 minutes.  It’s light, doesn’t melt, is small, can clean it with hands even if it gets on your clothes. It’s not analyzed what is made of.



@yoockin 子供が帰宅するなり、コートを洗濯してくれと。聞いたら、「朝、気味の悪い白い粉が降ってた。雪かと思ったら雪じゃなかったの、変。」とのこと。検索してみたら白い粉のツイート、たくさん。何?何なの?


Soon as he came home, my child told me to wash the coat. He told me, this morning, strange white powder was falling. Thought that was snow but it wasn’t. Very strange. There are a lot of tweets about the powder. What ? What was it ?




@w00dsto9 白い粉 確かに降ってる・・四国だけど・・雪ではない・・。なにこれコワイ。取り合えず 洗濯物を室内へ・・。風呂に水貯めて・水買ってこよう念のため・・。


White powder is falling for sure. It’s in Shikoku, not snow. What is it ? it’s creepy.. For now, took the clothes inside of the house. will keep water in bathtub and buy bottled water, just in case..




ゆっきん(脱原発に一票・TPP絶対反対) @yoockin


Probably it’s not the “Death ash” to have fellen in Futabamachi just after reactor 1 exploded. There is a report to tell it fell in Kanto area and Okayama too. Radiation level didn’t pick up. They say it was white and round. Please don’t worry too much.



The day before the white powder, massive smoke was observed in Fukushima plants and also radiation level picked up in Yokohama.


White powder flying from Chiba to Okayama

White powder flying from Chiba to Okayama2


I personally suspect it was volcanic ash. This is the picture of volcanic ash from Asamayama on 2/2/2009.

Asamayama volcanic ash



  1. You better find out what this stuff is, you can bet it is not pixie dust.
    If you live in Japan you should get as far away from that mess as possible, your government cares more about saving face than your life.

  2. My first hunch when I read this was boric acid (used as neutron absorber). Rushed to Wikipedia to see a description/picture and it’s indeed white.

    My speculation was that maybe massive amounts of boric acid are being injected to the Fukushima reactors but some blew out somehow. But no idea.

    Of course it could be volcanic ash in some circumstances, I guess, but it’s normally black or grey (after all it’s ash, it’s burnt).

  3. My first thought was also of boric acid.
    But to get that far it makes me think that some of those reactors exploded again. You won’t hear this from any media because of blackout. Even tepco/jnn cams are acting strangely lately.

  4. Yikes!!! I offered up a prayer in front of my congregation at church this morning for the people of Japan, then I read this later, very glad that I did!!! Iori is absolutely right, everyone should evacuate Japan immediately!!! Prayers are good and all, but it’s most likely not going to be enough, I need to find out how I can look into sponsoring evacuees, We have extra rooms at our house, I’d be willing to host any Japanese looking to get out, we would not need any money for hosting, helping with cleaning and chores would be more than enough payment, Iori, please post information about how Americans can help sponsor evacuees! Maybe also you can set up a separate fund besides FD so we can get money to people who want to evacuate but don’t have the means!!! This has gone beyond insane! All my prayers and thoughts are with Japan tonight!!!

  5. Let’s get it tested before we all jump around in a panic. These are serious times, we have to be sure…

  6. Don’t test it with a GEIGER COUNTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Or you will know how radioactive it is and ruin the surprise.

  7. May it come from CHEMTRAILS ?

    None (or almost none) when I was in Tokyo till spring, a few in the sky now that I I am in Kyushu…

  8. Whatever it is, some has shown high radiation reading (black)..Is it possible its the ash from all the burning of radiation/casks at Fukushima. One sees plumes and hot lights on the TBS/JNN webcam. Could the air currents which normally flow from east to west have changed to a more North South direction? this would explain the dust falling over the area. IF that is from Fukushima, and is a “controlled” burn of materials, its got to stop.

  9. Since TEPCO says no high tempuratures, and therefore Cold Shutdown, the ash must be from TEPCO burning on site materials–right? So TEPCO needs to stop the radiation they are now responsible for. They cant have their cake and eat it too.its either cold shutdown with no radiation releases (cant release from a cold shutdown!). In thst case, TEPCO actions have created the radiation filled black/white powder and they are purposely contaiminating more areas in Japan. Or the reactors are out of control and not in cold shutdown. Anyone else have a different take/suggestion?

  10. I checked with my friend who lives in Komoro-shi on the side of Asamayama. He said that it has been very quiet there with no steam lately. So the ash would probably need to come from some other volcano if that were the case. In Osaka I saw very large flakes falling on Feb. 8 at around 2 – 2:30PM. I was inside and I just thought it was snow.

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