Pros and cons about evacuation


I was asked if I think the 311 was artificial, but my I answer is I don’t know.
For me, it’s very difficult to believe because Japan is the biggest holder of American national bond like China. Some people call it HAARP but I don’t see any merit of them doing it to. As I always say, America, EU nations and Japan are all tied up and sinking altogether.
but so many things have happened since 311.
Chemical factory’s explosion, meltdown, government’s lie and everything.
so now I don’t feel like assering anything. I just have to say, I don’t know. Whether it was artificial or not, my say doesn’t change. Just escape.

Of course you have lots of troubles when you go out of Japan. Luckily, I don’t have so much problem of money because my host family is really nice and lots of people donate money. and I haven’t had problems of food because I can eat anything. but the problem is the visa and bank.
At least in Europe, you can’t open a bank account without a visa. and nobody wants to accept immigrants, so it’s hard to get a visa.
Basically, to get a visa, you have to submit your passport at the embassy and wait for 2 weeks or one month. Until they give it back to you, you can’t move. I thought that was risk because I didn’t know when I needed to fly out of Japan. so I gave it up and I didn’t trust them at all. Fukushima-Diary is on the black list of a country. Everyone wants to kill me.
so now I’m wandering around. It’s ok for me because I don’t have kids or wife but it would be hard for families.
Now if you try to evacuate, they will speak ill of you. Nobody wants to believe in low dose symptoms.
but it will be clear in 2 or 3 years from now. In Chernobyl, people died. This is the most solid concrete fact.
Even though millions of corrupted scientists say radiation is not harmful, the concrete fact is people died in Chernobyl. When you have cancer or fatigue or cardiac infarct, it’s already too late. You can’t escape with leukemia.
so I think it’s risky for people to stop us evacuating. You may say nothing is going on, yet, but no one can take responsibility in 5 years from now. Even if you are a billionaire, you can’t buy someone’s life for money. At least I wouldn’t give up my life even if someone pays me 1 trillion yen. and most likely, nobody will even give you money.
When the government says you won’t have a cancer from this level of radiation, it means, they won’t admit it because of radiation even if you have cancer, they won’t compensate.
Japanese like, Everyone, let’s do it everyone, everyone, everyone, with everyone. They say when you die, everyone would die together so it won’t matter.
I can’t believe but not small number of people are thinking so. but probably, dying from cancer would be the best way of dying. Most of them will suffer from strong fatigue, deformation of the babies, weak immune system and medical cost will slowly kill them.



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