JP Gov is too slow to govern

Following up this article ..39,960 Bq/Kg from ash in Okinawa Pizza shop

On 2/10/2012, Foresty agency commanded local governments and organizations in food industry not to use ash to remove dirt , made form firewood and coal from 17 prefectures of eastern Japan.
It is because they measured cesium from ash used for a Soba shop in Okinawa. This new restriction contradicts themselves to assert it was not a dangerous level at all.

However, they still allow them to use firewood if it’s kept inside.

Currently, the safety limit of firewood is 40 Bq/Kg, the one of coal is 280 Bq/Kg but there is no safety limit for ash from firewood and coal. Foresty agent talks, they couldn’t expect them to use ash from contaminated firewood and coal.


灰を食品に使わないで 放射性セシウムで林野庁
2012.2.10 22:05



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