How many people should evacuate Japan ?


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Hello Mochizuki San, In your next video, could you say how much of Japan you think should be evacuated? Is the Western part of Honshu ok? What about the other islands? Thanks, – anonymous


I always thought Japanese government should have bought a part of Australia or Canada just after 311, and sent all the Japanese people to there. I know I’m sounding unrealistic but the situation is unrealistic.
but they didn’t.
It’s just human to think western Japan is safe outside of Fukushima is safe. It’s just an imaginary boarder of human, has nothing to do with radiation. Radiation doesn’t think, oh I’m getting out of Fukushima, shall stop here or should I get to Tokyo by Train or car.
Look at the world map. Japan is such a tiny island. Everywhere is the same. and now they’re distributing the radioactive debris to all over Japan, to share the “pain”, which is so typical for Japanese, and all the food is contaminated. Cars, people, train, they are all contaminated and move around in Japan. There is no safe place in Japan. That’s why I got out of there.
There are 4 main islands, Honshu, Hokkaiso, Shikoku, and Kyushu. but they are so close that you can even drive by car. They are all the same.
Mr. Koide from Kyoto university said, old people have to eat contaminated food because they have responsibility for nuclear, and it’s the responsibility of future generation to accept radiation.
I dare to say no. I won’t accept anything except for completely 0Bq/kg. I have no reason to eat radiation. I completely refuse to be involved in their fantasy world like Kamikaze. I really think all of them should leave Japan soon as possible.

well, I didn’t receive any more questions for today. and not so many people donate anymore. a bit sad, but maybe shoganai. if you have any question, please send me by comment or anything. Thank you for watching this.



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