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Hello Mochizuki San, In your next video, could you say how much of Japan you think should be evacuated? Is the Western part of Honshu ok? What about the other islands? Thanks, – anonymous


I always thought Japanese government should have bought a part of Australia or Canada just after 311, and sent all the Japanese people to there. I know I’m sounding unrealistic but the situation is unrealistic.
but they didn’t.
It’s just human to think western Japan is safe outside of Fukushima is safe. It’s just an imaginary boarder of human, has nothing to do with radiation. Radiation doesn’t think, oh I’m getting out of Fukushima, shall stop here or should I get to Tokyo by Train or car.
Look at the world map. Japan is such a tiny island. Everywhere is the same. and now they’re distributing the radioactive debris to all over Japan, to share the “pain”, which is so typical for Japanese, and all the food is contaminated. Cars, people, train, they are all contaminated and move around in Japan. There is no safe place in Japan. That’s why I got out of there.
There are 4 main islands, Honshu, Hokkaiso, Shikoku, and Kyushu. but they are so close that you can even drive by car. They are all the same.
Mr. Koide from Kyoto university said, old people have to eat contaminated food because they have responsibility for nuclear, and it’s the responsibility of future generation to accept radiation.
I dare to say no. I won’t accept anything except for completely 0Bq/kg. I have no reason to eat radiation. I completely refuse to be involved in their fantasy world like Kamikaze. I really think all of them should leave Japan soon as possible.

well, I didn’t receive any more questions for today. and not so many people donate anymore. a bit sad, but maybe shoganai. if you have any question, please send me by comment or anything. Thank you for watching this.



  1. Maybe people don’t donate that much because they can’t set the amount their own. It’s like $5 or more if you want to donate, but most people have just a small ‘change’ on their PayPal accounts (like $2 or $3). So people want to donate I think, but they can’t choose the amount.
    On the other hand, I think that the world has almost 0% safety measures when it comes to radiation. Many people still import stuff from Japan, and it doesn’t get always checked. Well, my question is (maybe a little too personal): do you have a permanent house now, or are you still traveling though Europe? It’s really interesting because I live in the Netherlands.
    Your stories when you evacuated are truly amazing, and I really hope you will get safely everywhere where you are.

  2. I like you. I admire you. I wonder if you could help me understand the relationship between money and nuclear power. Did the Japanese people get bribed by the nuclear industry in order to approve the power plants? Do they keep the power plants for the sake of jobs and profits? Are the politicians bought and corrupted by money? Can you shed some light on the relationship between money and nuclear power in Japan?

    1. Yeah of course. In 1954, a fisher’s boat called Daigo Fukuryu maru was exposed because US had a nuclear test just beside the boat in Bikini.
      Massive demonstration was held in Japan against nuclear power, but politician couldn’t resist the temptation of “nuclear power/weapon” and imported nuclear plants from America. Nuclear power plants is the plutonium factory. Having nuclear facility means you are always ready to have nuclear weapons. It’s not that you need nuclear weapon because you have enemy. It’s that you need enemy because you have nuclear weapon to justify yourself. Educational instituions like Tokyo university, mass media, TV, Newspaper were all used for propaganda. Textbook, movies, TV shows, everything was designed to brainwash people though Japan had nuclear attack twice even apart from the poor fisher’s boar. That was in 1960. Japanese economy was rapidly rising by the strong centralization. Manufacture, education, media, everything was optimized for mass production so it was very easy to propaganda, unlike now everyone has the internet. Still old school are brainwashed and being pro-nuke in Japan.

      Centralization caused rural areas poverty. so poor local governments wanted nuclear power plants for lots of corruption money. It produced more job opportunities like nuclear worker or service industries for those workers. They were all paid from tax and electricity bill which is totally out of market rule. so the local governments were more and more addicted to the nuclear economy.

      1. 11 Months and counting!

        The Japanese people and many of those of the rest of the World,
        … wait in fear because of what TEPCO and the Japanese Gov’t.
        … are trying to make money instead of stopping this Eco-Disaster…

        That is the bottom line and no amount of Nuclear Baloney (NB) type
        … “reports or reviews or Nuclear theory” makes that any better.

        Do any of US actually know what the situation is on the ground?

        I sure don’t, but I know that because TEPCO has lied, concealed data
        … and played the Japanese People’s SAFETY down, while trying to save
        … TEPCO profits instead, we all have much to fear from THEM!

        If someone told me 11 MONTHS ago that I would be sitting on the edge
        … of my chair, and blogging to save the Japanese people from their Utility
        … TEPCO & their Gov’t. overseers I would have thought they were crazy!

        This is a nuclear nightmare
        … And N☢T just for the Japanese, but the Planet!

  3. You are not alone. Every single day I read this blog. I am American. I try to inform as many people as I can but many people are very afraid. They are also in almost complete denial. They think nothing can happen to them because they think the radiation will somehow be contained and will not spread over the globe.

    The radiation has already spread around the world. The people suddenly dying now from heart attacks or rapidly aggressive cancers will initially blame it on something else.

    But… the Spring rains will be here soon. When large numbers of American and Canadian mothers start losing their babies during pregnancy and soon after delivery to sickness and anomalous conditions there will much attention paid to Fukushima. After that, the whole world will know who you are. Stay strong. It’s only a couple months more.

    If Fukushima cannot be stabilized by then my prayers are with you. May your transition be brief and painless.

    Thank you for your help and commitment.

    Every blessing to you.

    1. The people aren’t afraid. Every one of them think that he or she will be the statistical lucky one who will stay healthy.

    2. Do you mean all of our transitions? :/

      He’s not in Japan anymore.

      He’s out of the worst danger already, so we plan to see him around here for a good while!

    3. I agree with what you said about people thinking Fukushima is contained. They are so deluded, they think because Fukushima is far from them that it can’t travel to wherever they are. It’s too bad that many won’t understand until terrible things like what you mentioned bring the truth home in a shocking, excruciating way.

      1. The thing that I don’t understand are all of the people who don’t think things are bad; even when I was in Japan (1997), I observed that there was still a very high number of children who had were born with disfigurements, than compared to what I see in the States.

  4. Thanks, Mr. M! Your story and courage are so impressive. I’ve really appreciated your Fukushima Diary & personal anecdotes!! (in fact, I miss your graphics with the gadgets, dials, knobs, & levers like a ‘good’ plant should have)
    Thanks for caring so much about others and for being responsible about yourself! You are a benchmark of sanity these days!!!
    Lastly, congrats on finding a safer place to live, but keep up the GREAT reporting!

  5. p.s. Please remember to use detox supplements and methods. It’s not too late to pull out some baddies you have absorbed. Your body was under duress for nearly a year and you need to keep bouncing back with no surprises. Take care!! 🙂

  6. This sharing the pain attitude by making people rot away from radiation is incredibly sick and twisted. When people leave Japan, they will have to read “Codependent No More” to deprogram from it all.

    Not that it’s any better in the U.S. Just slightly different.

  7. “Recovering from Codependence in Japan”, by Amy Borovoy

    “Japanese women who define themselves as codependent must forge a distinction (blurred by dominant cultural ideology) between socially valued interdependence and “unhealthy” or systematically exploitative forms of asymmetrical ties. Forging this distinction allows women to reject exploitative demands of society while continuing to function within familial and neighborhood communities. To
    the extent that women can forge distinctions between “dependence,” and “codependence,” they may be better able to resist state and social demands that come at their expense.”

    This paper is for women in a relationship with a substance abuser, but the same concepts, of course, can apply to men and other types of codependent relationships. According to the author, these type of pop psychology books made their way into Japan years ago, so maybe it’s a popular concept already. We in the U.S. have already had our fill of the codependency fad, when everyone diagnosed everyone with codependency. 😛

  8. Sorry Mochizuki-san, I don’t have an income…So I can’t donate right now.

    I would appreciate if you updated us regularly on any information you have about other Japanese who evacuated, how they are coping…

    It would be good if in the course of this year some of the evacuees wrote about their impressions of their guest countries. This should be a practical guide to different countries, including bureaucracy, cost of living, possibilities of employment….of course, in Japanese! I believe that would be very helpful to people who are considering leaving Japan.

    You are always in my thoughts, and many other people feel the same. Don’t be frustrated because there are fewer comments or donations, those things go up and down all the time…

  9. Hi Iori-san,

    Since evactuation isn’t going to happen, I’ll ask something else.

    The bit from Mr. Koide of Kyoto University is particularly telling, voicing this ridiculous yet wide spread idea that some how people must sacrifice themselves for society, that somehow, ‘society’ is more important than people, missing the obvious point that society IS people. I’ll bet HE will be eating no radioactive food.

    When are the people of Japan going to wake up and recognize that not only does their government not serve them, it doesn’t even care about them? Or if they are aware, when will they shake off their slumber, their sleepwalking, and stop saying ‘shoganai’ when it comes to government action (or inaction, as the case may be)? Obviously I do not mean you, or those like you.

    It seems the old adage that people get the government they deserve. Right now, due to the election, thousands of Americans are cheering for greedy, war-mongering fascists, and should one of them become president, it seems too the the American people will also get government they deserve. Consequently, if the Japanese people refuse to insist that its government deal honestly and quickly with the ‘fall out’ of Fukushima, then who can they blame but themselves?

    I’ll close with two quote from Thomas Jefferson.

    Every government degenerates when trusted to the rulers of the people alone. The people themselves are its only safe depositories.

    Experience hath shewn, that even under the best forms of government those entrusted with power have, in time, and by slow operations, perverted it into tyranny.

    Keep up the good work.

    1. Evacuation is ongoing as we blog, little by little folks are deciding to move from Northern Japan and I believe that those numbers will start growing as the population of Northern Japan becomes aware of the increased levels of radiation they are “enjoying” thanks to BOTH TEPCO AND THE JAPANESE GOV’T approved burning and dumping of radioactive waste!

  10. Don’t worry about the donations, I do not have a lot money at the moment, I’ve been unemployed but donated 28$ US a few weeks ago… just got a new job though and I will be donating quite often to your efforts when I have the means, I want to make sure those advertisements never come back up on this site! You are doing great work and you are truly a man to be admired, don’t ever think that people don’t support you!!!

    My question for your next video is this: Do you think HAARP was used to cause the 311 earthquake? Was Fukushima an “inside job” like a lot of Americans believe 9/11 was an inside job?

  11. Thank you for all the wonderful work you are doing for the entire world. I read your website daily and appreciate it so much. I live in coastal California and no one wants to believe the radiation in coming here despite ample evidence. It is too much for people. We are evacuating to
    South America. God bless you for your important work. Keep it up. You are amazing!

  12. How about this: “Nuclear Oriented Bad Science” = NOBS or better yet! N☢ BS…?
    Why does TEPCO and the Japanese Gov’t want to declare it’s Fukushima disaster Stable and more importantly, what do they hope to accomplish by doing it now?

    A. If the people “swallow” this Nuclear Baloney (NB) then TEPCO and their other Gov’t Leaders get to keep their jobs and march onward toward a nuclear future while the Nuclear refugees are “encouraged” to return to their Fukushima homes; letting history be the judge of whether or not this was the RIGHT decision.

    B. The people of Japan reject the concept of a “cold shut down” in which case TEPCO, in time, gets nationalized and Japan develops a 20 year plan to replace it’s reactors with solar of all flavors!

    C. The people of Japan are insulted by what TEPCO and their Gov’t is saying and take to the streets to DEMAND immediate change. TEPCO and their Government overseers are both swept away in order to placate the people of Japan. The Nuclear Refugees get settlements and the area around Fukushima is closed to all but scientific personal for the foreseeable future. Japan’s PM pledges to “race” Germany toward New Japanese developed Solar and being Nuclear within FIVE years…

    The Japanese people are now at a cross roads that will define both their future,their children’s future and possibly the future of Nuclear Power on Earth!

    What will they now do:
    …Bow to TEPCO?
    …Accept their Leaders vow to do better?
    …Or Demand an end to using Nuclear ASAP?

  13. Here is the Amazon link:

    I just finished reading “Japan’s Tipping Point” by Mark Pendergras­t which is now available as either a paperback or as an ebook! He won an Abe Fellowship for Journalist­s, (an annual grant given to selected writers who then spend six weeks in Japan); he arrived two months after 3/11 visiting their Eco-Model Cities and interviewe­d many of Japan’s Eco “Leaders” both in Government and in the private sector.

    ===>One thing I learned is that Japan’s utilities own their electrical GRID and therefore are the only ones that can “approve” of any forms of energy accessing it! If Japan is to “kick” their Nuclear reactor habit, the Utilities will have to OK that decision, which means a reduction in both Control and Market share for them!
    “I discovered­, however, that the real power in Japan lies with bureaucrat­s who have strong ties to big business. They outlast the politician­s. The Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry (METI) is the most powerful bureaucrac­y, with a large budget at its disposal.”

    ==> Another thing I learned is that Northern Japan has a different form of alternatin­g current than Southern Japan so that Energy cannot be easily shared Nationwide­! This is yet another roadblock to low cost energy that the Utilities promote to protect their market share in Japan!

    “Each of the regional utilities jealously guards its borders, so that there is limited cooperatio­n between them. Transmissi­on lines are not large enough to allow power to flow easily between regions. Worse still, the northeaste­rn half of Japan uses a 50 hertz frequency, while the southwest operates at 60 hertz, making it impossible to share power between them without huge transforme­rs.”

    ==>This to me, is the real “Tipping Point”, since without a “up to date” modern (Think SMART) grid energy cannot flow to where it is needed, when it is needed, at a fair price from where it is generated! Imagine installing new solar panels and the Energy produced is not allowed to be added to the grid because the Utility wants to only sell it’s own energy!

  14. Hello,

    I am trying to get in contact with anyone in Japan that can help me talk to people in Japan that would like to immigrate to the USA. I have been talking to county (prefecture) officials about helping to move Japanese people from the areas affected by Fukushima to Toledo, Ohio, USA. They are exteremly interested, and as long as we can get movement on this we will work with anyone who would like to immigrate. Who can I get in contact with to facilitate moving this along? I would like to help people see the available houses which will cost less that $10,000 US to aquire, and in most cases less than $5,000 US. Some houses will need repairs, and some will need minimal repairs. There are resources here to help people with the repairs, and a community interested in moving people in.

    Currently we are now working with people inside the USA on this plan. Today we are having an important meeting to help the first people who already lived in the area to aquire a home.

    Important features of Toledo, OH. Toledo Art Museum, Arts High School, Technical Schools, University of Toledo which is continueing to expand with it’s commercial solar energy program, Owens Community College, Solar energy manufacturing companies, Great Lakes ports, agricultural programs, urban farming, and much more.

    Please contact me soon to start networking. We would like to talk to anyone interested.

    -Dale Bogucki

  15. I strongly believe Honshu Japan earthquakes is leading to ground opening earthquakes. Honshu residents need to move to stable grounds as soon as possible. I heard the Big Earthquake is coming, that’s when the whole earth shake things away. In the meanwhile, we got the smaller ones to face which should be as dangerous as the Big One. I got a strong feeling Mexico is going to start shaking everyday as like Japan.

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