Strontium-90 in the air of Tokyo

11/2/2011, Tokyo Metropolitan Industrial and Vocational center finally released the data to show strontium-90 particle was in the air of Tokyo in March.

According to their report, from the air sample taken on 3/15/2011, they measured 0.01 Bq/m3.

Tokyo metropolitan industrial technology research institute and Nihon bunseki center analyzed the sample, they submit the result to Tokyo Metropolitan Industrial and Vocational center on 6/21/2011.

However, they kept concealing the data for about 5 months. They explain, “because it was not the harmful level.”

I wonder why they didn’t disclose the data sooner if it’s not the harmful level of amount.

Japan communist political party asked Tokyo local government to disclose strontium related information, so they finally published it on 11/2.

Human (50kg) breathes about 23,000L(*) of air everyday, which means Tokyo citizen took 0.23 Bq of strontium-90 on the daily basis.

Now it has been about 8 months since 311.

Tokyo citizen has already absorbed 55.2 Bq of Strontium-90.

Unlike food, hot particles taken into the lung will never get out of your body.

It does not take longer than a month to reach bone marrow.

This explains why acute leukemia case is spiking up.



(*)In the original post ,I assumed it to be 7,200L,but Dr.C Busby contacted me and revised it to be 23,000L on 11/5/2011.

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