Strontium-90 in the air of Tokyo

11/2/2011, Tokyo Metropolitan Industrial and Vocational center finally released the data to show strontium-90 particle was in the air of Tokyo in March.

According to their report, from the air sample taken on 3/15/2011, they measured 0.01 Bq/m3.

Tokyo metropolitan industrial technology research institute and Nihon bunseki center analyzed the sample, they submit the result to Tokyo Metropolitan Industrial and Vocational center on 6/21/2011.

However, they kept concealing the data for about 5 months. They explain, “because it was not the harmful level.”

I wonder why they didn’t disclose the data sooner if it’s not the harmful level of amount.

Japan communist political party asked Tokyo local government to disclose strontium related information, so they finally published it on 11/2.

Human (50kg) breathes about 23,000L(*) of air everyday, which means Tokyo citizen took 0.23 Bq of strontium-90 on the daily basis.

Now it has been about 8 months since 311.

Tokyo citizen has already absorbed 55.2 Bq of Strontium-90.

Unlike food, hot particles taken into the lung will never get out of your body.

It does not take longer than a month to reach bone marrow.

This explains why acute leukemia case is spiking up.



(*)In the original post ,I assumed it to be 7,200L,but Dr.C Busby contacted me and revised it to be 23,000L on 11/5/2011.

  1. Iodine 131 has a “half life” of only 8 days. But full decay time of 2,7 months. But Strountium 90 came with it: Strontium 90 accumulates in the bones, which is bad for the immune system, the base of all problems. A daughter isotope of strontium can focus in the pituitary gland and has a secondary effect on hypothyroidism. Pregnant women also take on strontium 90, which in turn affects the pituitary gland and an effect on
    has other immune diseases. Thus, the mortality rate of low weight babies is increasing (more important indicator of radiation damage). Likewise, the risk of breast cancer increases significantly in women: around within a radius of 50-100 miles of a reactor, women have a higher risk of dying from breast cancer, there is also an increase in other signs of immune deficiency such as low birth weight, and AIDS.” Source: Prof. Jay Gould, IPPNW, 1996 Congress of the Permanent Peoples Tribunal Chernobyl p.124 – 125 SOURCE:

  2. i think strontium would only be in air after reactor 4´s burning….

    therefore i think your not right, however it is worse enough…

    1. An I think you don’t have enough knowledge and / or information.
      But if you have, your statement is criminal.

      Strontium 90 is a common radionuclide in atomic reactors.

      It is produced there, it was invented by human kind WITH
      the reactors.

      like Radio-Iodine, Tritium, Plutonium.

      For a full list of all emissions from Chernobyl (and so, from Fukushima!) have a look at this:


      Strontium 90 is IN soil, IN MILK, in FETUS, in FOOD.

      Get your facts right!

      Strontium 90 in Milk was the real reason, why there there was an atomic bomb test stop in the 1960ies:

      In 1963 the radioactivity in milk was so high, the public got alarmed. But the USAEC denied everything. Former President Kennedy held his speech and demanded the bomb test stop. Ironically, the health authorities were particularly zealous advocates of nuclear bombs Supporters.

      Radioactive Strontium-90 (Sr-90) is one of these elements, and one of the deadliest. The chemical structure of Sr-90 is so similar to that of calcium that the body gets fooled and deposits Sr-90 in the bones and teeth where it remains, continually emitting cancer-causing radiation. The Federal Government (U.S.) no longer measures strontium intake in baby teeth:


    1. Excellent idea. “Let’s just wait and see what happens” was exactly the approach taken Japanese government and ruling class morons when the threat of the earthquake–nuclear meltdown combo, ie genpatsu-shinsai (原発震災), was pointed out to them years ago by Kobe Univ seismologist Professor Katsuhiko Ishibashi and others.

      It takes some chutzpah for anyone, in the face of the health threat caused by the aftermath of the actual genpatsu-shinsai, to offer up another swig at the filthy old bottle of “let’s just wait and see what happens” kool-aid.

  3. Like may others I have been following the Fukushima crisis. Any leak is unwanted and maximum protection is warrented. The protection of people(in the first place) is the reason our countries are led by government , who will take our well being as a priority,,,,, if things get dangerous. But .it seems the Japanese gov’ment was not prepaired to take the risk, to save it’s people,it chose the risk of protecting the nuclear industry. Can we still be so short sighted as to beleive the industry that tells us all is under control,when they would destroy themselves if they said otherwise?

  4. the decision maker in Japan. include in the geneva international court of justice. . Indictment: genocide
    my humple opnion

    very god job this side here !!

    I admire their sincerity and mental strength mister mochizuki
    even if they want to travel to Germany (or parts of their family)
    Write to me, and I would like them to donate a few nice days without fear ….

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