Acute leukemia case is spiking up

【拡散希望】 近所の病院に勤める知り合いのコメントです。 「最近病院で、急性白血病が多すぎる。前は悪性リンパ腫 ばっかりだったのに。マジです。気のせいじゃ無い。 そのうち科学的裏付けが取れたら騒がれるんだろうな。 血液疾患診てるとこは絶対にみんな感じてるはず。」 シャレにならない

A medical staff of a hospital leaks information.

As the person says, the case of acute leukemia is unusually increasing. It used to be lymphoma malignum most of the cases.

This is too obvious to ignore. Not a negligible scale of a change.

One day, if it’s proved scientifically, it would be a massive scandal.

All the hemodyscrasia experts must share the same impression. This is not a joke.





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22 Responses to “Acute leukemia case is spiking up”

  1. I think the fat lady just arrived… I can not believe the leadership in Japan let this get so far without intervention. Every time I read a story like this all I can think of is the helpless life forms that have been dragged into this by no choice of their own and that are doomed.

    literally fight tears of anger and sorrow when I see the picture of the kitten posted a couple days ago, that kitten should be the poster child for what is coming. Every person in Japan should take a very close look at that picture and realize the future they face. Ah hellz bellz, I honestly believe what will happen in Japan is nothing but a preview for the rest of the world.

    I think I have said it before and I will say it again. It’s time to apologize to our children, our grand kids and every thing else that will be effected. We have certainly allowed nuclear power to screw the pooch for this planet.

    This is a very helpless feeling…..

    • kintaman says:

      I also have to fight back tears of anger at this situation. The blatant lies of TEPCO, the J-government and the Japanese media at the expense of their entire nation. People call it fear mongering but in this case it is entirely valid. This could very well be the end for the nation of Japan.

      I do not know what the government is thinking. There are harmless protesters now but when the illnesses start appearing on a large scale there will be many people hell bent on retribution against those responsible for this and the deception of the people.

      Where do these people think they will escape to without facing their judgement by the people? There is nowhere to run. They should have done all they could from day 1 to inform the people and forget the economic consequences or saving face. But now everyone will have to pay the price for this. This is really a science fiction horror beyond any imagination.

    • johnny blade says:

      Being older now and somewhat mellower as well as stopping to think before acting more often-I wouldn’t hesitate to join forces opposed to the filthy nuclear technology & those who continue with ambitions to expand their incompetent,irresponsible activities while lying through their teeth about everything that threatens to destroy or mutate every living thing on the planet! I wouldn’t advocate extreme violence under almost any circumstances (keyword being “almost)and yet I think that time is running out if it hasn’t already,as far as forcing the end of the nuclear age through public debate & the false assumptions that common-sense would’ve prevailed & steps to end it via “normal”means including peaceful protest.It seems that the time is ripe to use any & all means neccessary as it has become clear that the industry & puppet leaders they bankrolled into office need to be taken down hard,and SOON!!Japanese people should already be throwing TEPCO and their country’s leadership into the tunnels to hell being burned thru the earth via melted fuel rods as well those in the USA complicit with this deadly crime against humanity playing out favorably for the forces of evil!!(for now) If my own suspicions regarding my personal health & I’m forewarned that I’ll be crippled & dead soon thereafter I would follow thru with the unwritten POA I often think of when my emotions lead me to that dark place inspired by thoughts of my 19 yr. old daughters miscarriage,my wifes seizure disorder that is thought to be from “hormonal” causes(thyroid?)as well as many other untimely deaths & health issues that come to mind recently. If they can’t control the technology they chose to embrace-then the LEAST they could’ve done was to be honest and disclose the true nature of THEIR beast that was released to prey on us all & given us the option,if not help to have taken protective measures regardless of whether the release incident was accidental,preventable & beyond the scale of anything ever seen before! The fact that they chose to disrespect us by deception & lies because they don’t think the public could’ve handled the truth is justification by itself for me to embrace a much more forceful opposition & related activities against those needing to be removed from power by any means! In closing-I’m a bit ashamed of humans since the majority of them have strangely allowed themselves to be murdered & go quietly into oblivion considering the warning time & delayed reaction in most cases that they choose apathy & ignorance & focus on material BS instead of the future of mankind as well as the animal & plant species who can’t speak out but likely would if they were capable & knew what was happening!!??Whoever ignites a global revolution against these d-bags will have my complete loyalty,support & resources & I hope for the sake of any hope for a future that there are a lot more people sitting around mute that would follow suit if they sensed the movement had a chance of succeeding! I guess time will tell and yet time is growing short so I’ll wish everyone Good Luck,God Bless,and Best Wishes-especially to those who haven’t or won’t choose a side & therefor allow evil to conquer by default,you will need it the most!! PEACE

      • Debbie says:

        I agree with every word. What angers me is the ignorance and head-in-the-sand attitude of the majority of people. Even people whom I consider to be extremely intelligent any highly educated seem to assume that, as there has been no mention of Fukushima in the news, the situation is over, everything is fine, forget it! I knew from day one that this would be catastrophic on an unprecedented scale. I knew that every “expert” reassurance was a lie. It was common sense. Why am I in the minority of people who chose to stay informed, feel outrage and actually deeply care about what is happening here, to both the people and the environment. People need to wake up and understand that this affects all of us, every precious form of life. Only when people realise this will they be angered enough to feel motivated to action against this evil, corrupt, deadly insanity we call nuclear. Humans need to realise that they shouldn’t play with something they can’t ultimately control. We are not advanced enough, and until we are, it needs to STOP! We are told we need nuclear to meet our energy requirements. We do NOT. This is a lie. Wake up and see the true agendas at work here.

  2. [...] Now it has been about 8 months since 311. Tokyo citizen has already absorbed 17.28 Bq of Strontium 90. Unlike food,hot particles taken into the lung will never get out of your body. It does not take longer than a month to reach bone marrow. This explains why acute leukemia case is spiking up. [...]

  3. Yamagata says:

    Very sad news and very worrisome. It all seems like a horrible dream, a nightmare that there is no waking up from. Chernobyl left much of Europe terribly radiated and ruined, now Fukushima is doingthe same to Japan and parts of the US and Canada….where will be OK??

  4. Greyhawk says:

    I have been an anti-nuclear activist since the 1970′s. This is why I and thousands of others have been active. This will not just go away. Radioactive pollution lasts for thousands of years. It kills people and causes birth defects for generations. The rise of leukemia in a hospital in Japan is the beginning of the horror. Early deaths and children born with deformities will follow. It is a nightmare that nobody can awaken from.

  5. john says:

    starting on about Nov 14 they will allow visitors from the press to go to Fukushima Nuclear Plant. We can then follow the dosed reporters & see what happens to them.

  6. zed says:

    ummm. not mars. I read some scientists think the martians had their own fuku a long time ago and radiation may still be a problem.

    So, the .gov releases a report because the COMMUNIST party requested it? WTF?

    Japan is now officially Bizarro World. Only Bizarro himself can save the day.

  7. the only safe location says:

    My dear brothers and sisters, my rage and sorrow mix in the time streams of this horrible junction.
    Greed and Stupidity crashing in a terrible destructive flow.
    Since the human race is now officially on the road to extinction, we can only request to a future race that this technology be banned upon this Earth.
    We should write it on the Lunar surface for all to see.
    This Is The Only Safe Place For Nuclear Energy

  8. Gonzo says:

    …Full evacuation of all of Japan, Canada, the United States and Mexico is coming under chaotic emergency conditions in a few more months… Humongous waves of deadly cancer ailments will sweep the land. Hundreds of million people’s lives could have been saved if evacuation had proceeded some months ago. It’s still on time for many people to save their lives by abandoning these most contaminated zones. The time to act is now.

  9. Tapolna says:

    No, there is no other place, not the Moon or Mars, we can go.

    We stuck here on the planet of our own making. It shouldn’t be that way, but it is. We live in an evironment we created, polluted and trashed, and we exterminated so many animal and plant species … we currently living one of the three greatest extinctions ever! And, from the Arctic to the Antarctic animals carry in their bodies our industrial chemicals. In the U.S. ALL Americans carry within their bodies dozens of synthetic, industrial chemicals, some of which cause cancer. And, what about the “Great Garbbage Patch” in the Pacific and now another in the Atlantic? As if the oceanic collection of trash isn’t enough we developed the ability to even trash space beyond the surface of the planet!

    The Fukushima tragedy is only part of this much larger picture of planetary destruction, of environmental devastation. And, some people think the end of times is coming? It’s already in our midst!

    Well, when I say “we,” I didn’t mean you or me or, for that matter, most other people. In fact, most people in most countries do care about the environment. It’s quite popular by people everywhere, including the United States, although one wouldn’t think so considering the U.S.’s environment especially in the cities. But, most people do like a clean, healthy, ecologically sound environment, even in the cities. What I meant to say we stood by while industries, of all kinds, destroyed our planet. …. Yet, even this is not our fault.

    Just as in Japan, the people in the U.S. are continously fed lines and lines and lines of propaganda … endlessly … about how much better … how environmentally friendly etc., something is, when in fact the opposite is true. What we are guilty of, both you and me, is that we believe our political and other type of “leaders.” We belive the media talking heads. Therein lies the problem, I think. We don’t need “leaders,” we don’t need “heros,” or great people or great orators or speeches; we need people to lead, all of us, not business executives, CEOs all of whom head the most tyrannical institutions in our societies today, the corporation. I think what we need is called “democracy,” something we’re lacking everywhere … yes, including the U.S.

  10. three- eyed iphone ignorant says:

    i am convinced that the whole fucking government in japan and anywhere else are lieing…..

    society is lieing too…..


    because they will not accept that they are not right in any position, that there is something which is not good to take, and that they dont have the control over it anymore…
    the is important for them, because the believe in science, nothing else to believe in has even left…. therfore they lie, they lie to other and themselves, they wont understand that all arguments are against nuclear energy usage…

    in earlier times the indians said not to take matierial under the surface…. maybe this is an extreme position, but we can learn from it….

  11. tez says:

    two things that i allways knew but now have been proved by 3/11

    1.the jgov are a bunch of parasitic criminals that will never give up the great human tax farm – they are not prepared to take a haircut on this at the expense of who knows how many thousands of lives – hell there is plenty of them and if they die we dont have to pay their pensions.

    2. the majority of the japanese population are domesticated jelly fish that have lost all survival instinct – if turning a quarter of the country (Kanto) into a radioactive wasteland doesnt get them out on the streets to lynch these F’rs then what will – no keep watching the TV box. Reality is stranger than fiction here.

  12. Smurf says:

    Here are a few things you can do. TBL12 is a product that saved my daughter from Leukemia, look it up, it is not very expensive, it could save thousands of people from dying.
    Second, find a clean source of the Blue Green Algaes Spirulina and Chlorella. Courtesy of the Japanese government there is a lot of research into these as detoxing agents for heavy metals including Plutoniun and Strontium.
    Good Luck to all of you from Australia.

  13. Mike says:

    It blows my mind that after Chernobyl most people are still so grossly ignorant of just how deadly the products and bi-products of the nuclear industry really are it has caused this situation in Fukushima to just go on, unabated! Plutonium IS the most toxic substance in the known universe and it is a man made menace! Reactor 3′s MOX fuel is 20 million times more dangerous than their uranium only cousin reactors. This reactor’s containment vessel is GONE! The corium fully exposed to the atmosphere, steadfastly eating it’s way down to bedrock! I shutter at the thought of how toxic this reactor’s meltdown is to the environment. Let alone the other two FULL meltdowns of reactors 1 and 2.

    TEPCO and the involved government officials are guilty of crimes against humanity and must be brought before the Hague, just like any other creators of genocide! They must be some greedy, heartless sub-species to perpetrate such evil upon their fellow human beings.

  14. tawny says:

    First, congratulations on this excellent website, Mochihzuki-san.

    I agree with the above readers who deplore all of the cover-up and lies by the Japanese government and TEPCO.

    But it has seemed to me from the start that the logistics, as they say, of this situation make appropriate response impossible – just the sheer scale of the thing, the huge areas and numbers of people involved/affected – not just in Japan, but in Hawaii and the west coast of North America (for starters).

    All of the governments of the world, esp. in the USA and Europe, are cooperating with Japan in a BIG cover-up, because they ALL are guilty of this huge, on-going, decades-long crime against humanity – and they know it.

    In participating (by their silences and by their lies/dis-information) in the cover-up/deception, they are increasing the numbers (millions) of innocent people who are being harmed; they are withholding valuable, possibly life-saving, information, and I believe they are criminally culpable and charge-able for doing so … if there be any honest men still in any of the seats of power to call for/take the appropriate legal action. These ‘big men’ pretty much to a man (and woman) are guilty co-conspirators – have unclean hands – either by their actions – or by their silence.

    But…the magnitude of the disaster is so great. We can ask, where are those who would prosecute these crimes – crimes of commission and of omission? Scratch the surface of the network of lies and we see that the ruling elites (and their media, and their brains-for-hire) are all implicated, they all have have participated in the denial, obfuscation, lying – in a word, the CORRUPTION – that underlie the ‘nuclear power industry’.

    For a long time now, the nuclear power/weapons industry – corrupt and having achieved virtually total control of the alleged ‘regulatory(sic) agencies’ – has been flying on a wing and a prayer… has been an accident – a whole bunch of accidents – waiting to happen.

    Given all of the aged, in some cases fatally flawed/poorly designed (MARK IV) reactors (see Fairewinds’ Arnie Gunderson’s report on that) sprinkled across the USA and Europe… given all of the plutinium (tons of it) in existence, which is so toxic that it is FATAL IN TINY – microgram – DOSES if inhaled, and which will remain that toxic for 250,000 years… do you, as Bob Dylan wrote, have to be a weatherman to know which way the wind is blowing as regards the viability of human (and lots of other) life-forms on this planet?

    Do we have a viable planet left, in and for which to (belatedly) try to ‘do the right thing’? Or are the ‘acceptable losses’ no less, no fewer, than — than all of us and our posterity, even unto however many generatons it takes to make a quarter of a million years?

    Correct me if I am wrong… but close micro-analysis seems unnecessary. The chances seem very high that the human race has shot itself in the foot one time too many – pretty much just as soon as it had the technical ability to do so… and that we are, to mix the metaphors here, waiting now for the other shoe to drop… waiting ‘On the Beach’…

  15. Ionizing Radiation Diseases
    Once radionuclides are released into the environment they circulate and are carried with the winds until they become part of the soil and food chain. They land in our drinking water, are on the pastures that our livestock graze on, are on our vegetables and in our fruit trees.

    This is particularly dangerous for humans because we are at the top of the food chain, where the higher concentrations of radionuclides are.

    Most Common Diseases From Ionizing Radiation:

    * leukemia
    * lymphoma
    * solid tumors or any organ
    * bone & blood disorders
    * lung cancer
    * breast cancer
    * endocrine disruption
    * reproductive abnormalities
    * accelerated aging process
    * birth defects
    * congenital malformations
    * kidney, liver damage

    These diseases and mutations don’t stop with us. If ionizing radiation enters our genes, not only does it cause irreversible damage to this generation, but to future generations, as evidenced by children being born years after Chernobyl.

    These “spikes” will increase, we are nearing 8 months of continual radiation bombardment. There is much that can be done to minimize your risk.

    Don’t wait for your Government to advise you.

  16. Mikkai says:

    page 198

    Since 1996 the number of preleukemia
    cases has increased. For the 1986–1987 liquidators
    there was a statistically significant additional
    number of instances of acute leukemia
    in 1990–1991 (Ivanov et al., 1997).

    6. There was a noticeable increase in lymphoid
    and blood-forming cancers in men and
    women across Belarus in the first 5 years after
    the catastrophe (Figure 6.18).

    7. The highest incidence rate for acute
    and chronic leukemia and Hodgkin’s disease
    occurred in the first 5 years after
    the catastrophe. The maximum increase in
    red cell leukemias, non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma,
    and, especially, myelodysplastic syndrome occurred
    10 years after the catastrophe. Incidence
    of all forms of leukemic disease
    was significantly higher after the catastrophe
    (Table 6.11).

    Leukemia Morbidity (per 100,000) among the Adult Population of Belarus, 1979–1997 page > page 199

    1.Therewas an increase in acute leukemia in
    children from the contaminated regions compared
    with clean areas 10 to 14 years after the
    catastrophe (Moroz, 1998; Moroz et al., 1999;
    Moroz and Drozdova, 2000). > page 199

    6. In the children born in 1986–1987
    who developed acute leukemia, an increasing
    relative number of acute myeloid leukemia
    (AML) cases were reported (21.2 and 25.3%
    in 1986 and 1987, respectively; Gluzman et al.,
    2006). > page 200

  17. phan mem dang tin tu dong…

    [...]Acute leukemia case is spiking up | Fukushima Diary[...]…

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