Extraordinary amount cesium from fish to south of Fukushima

11/2/2011, Fukushima local government announced their radiation measurement data of fish in about 50 km area from Fukushima plants.

They took 109 samples for some reason but 7 of them had cesium, which is even over the “safety limit”.

  • Greenling: 770 Bq/ Kg, 1,050 Bq/Kg
  • Stone flounder: 1,180 Bq/Kg
  • Jacopever: 1,420 Bq/Kg
  • Komonkasube: 780 Bq/Kg, 1,260 Bq/Kg
  • Flatfish: 610 Bq/Kg

They are not supposed to be released for sale.


  1. that is the actual catastrophe…

    reactors are still floated with sea water making pacific to an huge reactor cooling system….

    reason for is to rescue japan´s existing,…therefore government and tepco are lieing whole time….

    truth is that this way they trie to avoid any further explosion which would spread radioactive material far to usa and asia…

    thing has more diplomatic character than they would tell us…

    japanese government and other government accept japanase human are contaminated , north japan is contaminated too, and, though pacific is used for nuclear waste as soon as before….

    in germany they are recently talking about aldi´s ( supermarket) fuksuhima pizza ( pizza with tono) … the fish is mainly from beering sea and pacific fishing grounds….

  2. Its a slow train coming.

    This is a cetrainty, and the Radioactivity and range of Isotops wil accumulate in every living creature in and around Japan.
    Fishes are specaly voundrable because moust of the stay close to the surface and eats everything.

    All creatures store thier Rad. and cemical pison in their Fattlayer, that goes to the bigg games as well.
    Everything wil be contaminated.

    The reality is that the truth wil eventualy manifest its self, and the results are depending on how long shall this coverup and silencing continue. Are the powers involved, from the TEPCO/Gov. to the Yakusa, are they so fu.. stupid, and I really mean it, its bordering to drulling idiocy to belive that this can go/be silenced away and disapear. As long as your ass and your famillys asses have stayed inside Japan. Even your Familly, their children, their childrens DNA is fu.. already.
    If you dont wakup from this selfdilution and selflies, you wil have absolut no use of our powers, you are already doomed.

    The only difference between certan doom and the posibility to avoid the wurst fate is to start to deal with it, the truth must out.
    The manifistation is rising, and wil not be stopped.
    The Nightmare is escalating and wil only be wurse.

    The choises are infact simple, cooperate or die.
    And its all up to you.
    Your and your famillys fate is all yours.
    What ever you do, it have consequencess.
    Even when you dont do anything, there wil be consequencess.
    Thats the reality from now on.

    Deal with it.
    If not for your own sake, this present, determins the future.
    What future, depends on the handling of this present.
    Thats it.

    Wake up.

  3. It’s all too late to do anything about this so, watch the circus and be amazed!

    These toxic generators should have NEVER been built…ANYWHERE in the World!

    But, no seemed too worried about, even the slim possibility that this type of disaster could happen. “Clean and safe” that’s all the Public was told.

    That’s all the Public wants to hear.
    That is why the Public is always in trouble.

    Telling Truth doesn’t make profit.
    Lies make Billions of dollars.

    So, who REALLY pays for this mess?
    Our children…oh, and the ones yet to be born.

    Evil isn’t it?

  4. what they are not saying is that the THREE china syndromes are now blowing out SIDEWAYS into the ocean.

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